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This is a list that is designed to bring back childhood memories. Chances are you played these games. Chances are you loved these games. My hope in writing this is that it would create a few brief moments where you can escape your day to day stress and find a smile while remembering fun times with friends. This article will have a significantly magnified effect if you share it with that small group of friends that you played these games with.

Perhaps this article will not only reunite you with forgotten hero's but maybe with a friend who has fallen out of touch.


Spyro The Dragon

SpyroCredit: Playstation

This was the first game I owned on the original Playstation video game system. My friends and I played for hours trying to collect crystals and free some dragons. 

This purple dragon playfully burst on the scene in 1998 and captured everyone's heart on his way to defeating Gnasty Gnorc.[1]

Spyro was my personal favorite ways to waste time in the summer of 1999. The original game had so much success that sequels and spin offs, as recently as 2012, have accumulated in 20 million sales for the Spyro Series. [2]

I can't tell you how long I spent just running around jumping/flying, and trying to breath fire on different things to find "Easter Eggs" I never did find any but apparently they do exist.

If you still happen to own your copy of the original game it is worth quite a bit these days. If you still have a Sony Playstation but do not still own the game you can purchase it on Amazon for just under $100 bucks.


A YouTuber's review of Spyro

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Earthworm Jim

This super cool superhero is certainly not for the birds (awful pun intended).Earthworm JimCredit: wikipedia

This obscure video game character was originally thought up for Sega Genesis and was later spun out to be other game consoles and a cartoon TV show.

This regular earthworm discovers a robotic suit that evolves Jim into a space worthy superhero. The run and gun style that Jim maintained throughout the series is now a coveted antique in the role playing shooter genre of games. 

Between the hours played fighting Psy-Crow, Evil the Cat and Slug-for-a-Butt were nearly euphoric. The semi-crude game pushed the limits of what parents were okay with letting children play and the risk payed off. Earthworm Jim was awarded the "Best Game of 1994" on Sega Genesis by Electronic Gaming Magazine.[3]

When you pair the cult like following of the video game with hours of time spent watching the cartoon it makes for one of the great memories of any childhood.

If you still have a Sega and want to find the game to play it again you can have it sent to your door by Amazon.

8 minute playthrough

Sega Genesis

Earthworm Jim
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"What could possibly go wrong" with this as our #1 pick?

BubsyCredit: Accolade Studio

Bubsy, the cat superhero who wears shirts, bounced onto the scene for Sega Genesis in 1993.[4] It was an instant competition with friends to run through a level as fast as you can. Sometimes you raced based on how fast you could get through a level and sometimes it was who could get the most balls of yarn in a 5 minute time period.

The franchise released 4 games all of which featured your favorite furry friend, Bubsy. He was dubbed the "Most Hyped" Character of 1993 by Electronic Gaming Magazine[4]. Bubsy made for an amazing play experience even though he could only jump and glide. Bubsy is often overlooked as a video game Hero not because he released bunnies at the end of levels but because both Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog competed in the same genre of game.

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