So a good friend or family member of yours is about to marry the girl of his dreams, and you are looking for groom wedding gift ideas that will impress. Picking out a gift for a groom is not always easy and will largely depend on the budget that you are working with. Most men enjoy having things that scream out "I am a man and I like manly things!". You usually are going in the right direction if you kind find anything that has to do with beer, technology, or attractive women. Although I wouldn't recommend the last one for a wedding gift since it will probably not make the bride-to-be very happy.

Here are five groom wedding gift ideas that will make your gift one of the highlights of this event.

# 3 - A Mini Beer Fridge

What else says "I love you man" more then a place for them to keep their beer cold. The thing about men is that we always appreciate anything to do with beer, and a mini beer fridge is no exception. A mini beer fridge is not only practical, but it also doubles as a trophy that says "I'm a man, I love beer and watching sports while I drink beer."

As far as groom wedding gift ideas go this is super practical and can work with most budgets. New mini beer fridges start at around $100 which is a lot of bang for your buck.

#2 - A Las Vegas Weekend Trip

vegas (36288)

Ok, so you might want to give this to the groom ahead of time.....the bride to be may not be so happy about this one.

Getting married is a big step for most guys, and sometimes a Las Vegas Weekend trip to get some crazy partying out of the system eases some of the stress associated with getting married. This is a very common destination for stag parties.

Depending on where you are flying from, you typically can find some great flight/hotel packages for Vegas. From Vancouver, BC (my location) I have been to flown to and provided a hotel in Vegas for 3 nights for $399.

If you are going to head down for a Las Vegas Weekend Trip with a group, get everyone to pool some money together and show the groom to be the time of his life. This is by far the most fun of the groom wedding gift ideas.

#1 - A 3D HD Television

My eyes starting tearing up thinking about this...and no not from the pain of over-watching 3d television. The thought of having the newest technology is their home theater makes most men drool and this in the #1 place for groom wedding gift ideas.

3D HD television sets are available in LCD, LED, and in plasma. My recommendation would be to purchase a plasma unless they would be putting the 3D HD television in a place that would have a lot of natural light coming through.

It is likely that you will not be paying less then $800-900 for a lower end 3D HD television, and they can sell for upwards of $3000 for higher end models. For this gift idea it often would make sense to pool money together.

Men are not easy to buy for, but you would be hard pressed to find a guy that would not want at least 2/3 things from these groom wedding gift ideas very badly.

These gifts are not only great groom wedding gift ideas but they are also great for any other occasion that would require giving any man a gift.