Many different types of accessories are available for cameras these days. Some accessories are geared towards protecting cameras and others are geared towards enhancing cameras. This guideline will cover both of those types of photography accessories. If you would like to purchase any of the accessories mentioned in this guideline, check out stores like Beach Camera and Abe's of Maine.

1. Camera Bag

Of course, the most important photography accessory is a camera bag. Many cameras come with free camera bags, but they aren't sturdy enough to really protect your camera. A high quality camera bag will have thick foam inserts that your camera can sit in. Most camera bags also come with shoulder straps, which makes it easy for you to travel with your camera. In addition to being able to protect your camera, a camera bag also makes it easier for you to carry any other photography accessories that you own. There are many different size bags available, so be sure to purchase one that can hold your lenses, filters and other photography accessories that you own.

2. Tripod

A tripod is a great photography accessory for both amateur and professional photographers alike. Unfortunately, not everyone has the most sturdy hands. Most cameras come with built-in stabilizers these days, but they don't do much if your hands start to shake or if you are trying to capture precise shots. With a tripod, you can attach your camera to the tripod and simply focus on taking photos, which will surely enhance the quality of your photos. While there are some cheap tripods available, it is always a smart idea to invest in a high quality tripod. Unfortunately, many generic, cheap tripods are known for collapsing, which is only going to cause damage to your camera. If you are worried about lugging a tripod around all day, most of them fold up to a compact size and they are generally made out of aluminum, which makes them light weight.

3. Flash Diffuser

If you are a professional photographer, you may already have an external flash for your camera, but those are very expensive. A good alternative to an external flash is a flash diffuser. Do you often take photos in locations that are poorly lit? If so, you probably notice that your photos end up with a shadowy effect, which reduces the quality of your photos. A flash diffuser is designed to help make photos that are taken in poor lighting look more natural. Although it depends on your camera, most flash diffusers will attach to your camera at the base of its flash. You can even purchase different color flash diffusers to create artistic lighting.