Phoenix kitchen remodeling trends this year have taken a distinctive turn compared to last year. Compared to last year when many homeowners where still spending large sums of money on expensive kitchen remodeling projects, this year the hottest kitchen home improvements appeal to a more frugal audience. They also appeal to the multitude of homeowners who are now living in smaller houses with smaller kitchens.

This year, homeowners have tight wallets and even tighter kitchen spaces. Many of the most popular Phoenix home remodeling projects for kitchens are cost-effective and help homeowners better utilize space in small kitchens. This year's Phoenix kitchen remodeling ideas are also functional and organizational.

"Pull Out" Elements
Small Space Benefits
As the name suggest, pull out features are elements that you have to "pull out" to use, and when you are done you can tuck them neatly away without wasting any space.

Money-Saving Benefits
There are many simple and effective pull out features that you can have added to your home at an affordable price.

Pull out elements are highly desirable in Phoenix kitchen remodeling. They help organize small kitchens and allow you to have a multi-functional kitchen that does not feel overcrowded. You can add pull out waste and recycling bins to your kitchens so that you do not have to waste precious space with a bulky wastebasket. Other simple pull out features include things like pull out appliances, pull out desks, and pull out ironing boards.

Glass Cabinet Doors
Small Space Benefits
Glass features make spaces look and feel much larger, and this is especially true in small spaces. They give a light, open look to small kitchens.

Money-Saving Benefits
Having your cabinet doors updated is an affordable Phoenix kitchen remodeling idea. Instead of having all of your cabinets redone, you can give them a new "face" by changing the doors and maybe adding a bit of paint.

This has been a really popular home remodeling project this year. There are a number of decorative glass cabinet doors in various styles. French door inspired cabinet doors are a top choice. Glass is reflective, can come in many colors and "stained glass" styles, and it makes your dishes part of the design of your kitchen. With glass cabinet doors, some homeowners prop up decorative plates because they show through the glass doors as if on display.

Mirrored Backsplashes
Small Space Benefits
Mirrored surfaces have an affect similar to glass. They "grow the small" and give the illusion that small spaces are larger.

Money-Saving Benefits
Tiling has been a popular Phoenix remodeling project for a while now because it is affordable and gives a clean, new look to kitchens and bathrooms. You can find a variety of tiles for very little money at your local home improvement stores.

While backsplashes have been popular for a long time, this year it is all about mirrored backsplashes. This is in part due to the supreme popularity of glass and metallic tiles. Their mirrored surfaces give a shimmery, luxurious look to kitchens. One really great option is to use low cost, recycled glass tile because it has the same luster and high quality as new glass tiles.