Who wants smooth kissable skin for just about under $1 and the key ingredients await you in your kitchen?! Also, it takes less than 3 minutes to prepare. Nope not done with how easy this is...Your skin will feel amazing in just under 15 minutes.

Ok, I'll spit it out.

First you're going to need

1)Fine Sea Salt

2) Lemon Juice

3) Olive Oil

That is the base for your exfoliator. Mix all of this together and you can add various ingredients. Have fun with it! Add some peppermint oil to refresh, some lavender oil to relax and soothe. Some bentonite clay to detox (which is available at most health shops and quite inexpensively too). Its really up to you. Add some creamy body wash which also makes it easier to massage onto your skin.

Once you've prepared your tailor made goddess mix, step into the shower and stand under a warm shower for a minute or two to soften skin, and open pores. Then massage the mixture starting from your feet working your way up gently to your calves, thighs ,pay special attention to knees, elbows. Avoid the decolletage as it can be a bit sensitive. Remember, be gentle with your body and ideally do a 24 hour test to make sure there aren't any negative reactions. Once your done, keep this on your skin for 5 minutes. It may tingle a little, this is normal. But it should not feel like your skin is on fire.

Then to wash it off , have a circulation boosting shower : just alternate hot and cold water a couple times finishing off with cold water to close the pores and get you ready for the day ahead or if its the evening finish off with some warm water to get you ready for bed. Lastly, while skin is still damp massge in your favourite body lotion.

This is also beneficial for getting your blood circulation going, to remove dead skin ,open pores and detoxify. Men can of course also have a go at it and enjoy the benefits on the inside and out.

Ta-duh! If your skin doesnt feel amazing, well get someone to test it?