Sedona is probably my favorite place to visit in Arizona. The dramatic red rock formations towering in the distance, the quaint stream called Oak Creek, the abundance of huge deciduous trees (very rare in Arizona!), and the eclectic, friendly atmosphere of artists and nature lovers makes this small town so very special. Actually it was the perfect backdrop for my wedding, so that illustrates just how great I think Sedona is!

For visitors to Arizona, Sedona is typically on the top of their "to see" list along with the Grand Canyon. Therefore, a lot of tourists go through the place every year and there are a lot of resorts battling for your tourist dollars.

This puts you in a perfect spot to find great Sedona vacation packages and discounted travel deals.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for amongst the noise of "pick me" travel advertising. So I've gone ahead and highlighted some of the best websites where you can find and book vacation packages for your trip to Sedona.


As the names implies, this website offers the more luxurious packages to Sedona. But what's great is that the luxury resort packages are found at budget prices. A typical vacation deal is geared towards couples and includes several nights stay, meals, welcome gifts, and sometimes a recreational tour.

Packages can be bought two ways: through an auction or through a "buy it now" pricing system. Either way you can book online or over the phone.


This website is operated by the Arizona Office of Tourism which works directly with resorts and hotels in Sedona who submit their vacation packages directly to Arizona Guide.

You can search packages by date and you'll find a variety of package types. I did a quick search today and found hotel packages, spa packages, adventure tours, jeep tours (a Sedona favorite!) and even hiking packages.

Once you find a package that interests you, typically you must contact the business or resort directly to book either on their website or by phone.


Similar in setup to the Arizona Guide, this website is operated by the Sedona Tourism Bureau. You'll find even more vacation packages that are usually different that what is listed on the Arizona Guide.

You can browse through their deals section and find options for accommodations, hotel packages, Grand Canyon tours, festivals, spa treatments, and outdoor recreation.

You will typically be redirected to the site of the hotel or business that's offering the package in order to book directly with them.

These three websites are certainly not the only places to find Sedona vacation packages, but over the years of living in Arizona, I've found them to offer some of the best deals and discounts.