It is a guarantee that most of you know more about Justin Bieber than I do. Where he was born, where he grew up, and where he got his start. What is his favorite color, what is his favorite flavor of ice cream, and what he does in his time off. More than that, you might know who is closest to him, who he calls when he has challenges, and who is there when everyone else has left him alone.

What I do know is that he grew up in relative obscurity. The one bright light that shines throughout his story is his great love and appreciation of music. From an early age, he took to it. He was wired to do and understand and make and be the music. He is paid to do music. He is wired to do music. It's at the core parts of him.

At first glance, you might think there is nothing for you to learn from Justin. But looking deeper we find three truths:

  1. he was wired for music
  2. he nurtured what he was wired to do
  3. he has worked on increasing his pay rate, day by day and year by year

First, he was wired for music. From his earliest days, someone noticed his talents. His mom, her boyfriend, and their friends. Daily he saw people making music so that he could appreciate it. What are you surrounded by that you enjoy and may be wired to do? There are things that tickle the core parts of us all and we grow immune to the tickling over time. We forget how good it feels around those things. My tickle me spot is writing and reading. In a quiet place, a book and pen in hands, I can ascend to the heights of what is right and good in this world; or, I can descend to the worst parts. Both levels carry lessons. Justin felt the music and it pulled him forward.

Second, he nurtured what he was wired to do. His mother and her friends surrounded the kid with music. He was able to ask questions, take risks, and meet people involved with making music. Who are you surrounded by that you enjoy and may be doing what you are wired to do? There are people that we honor and respect because they are doing some of the things we wish we were doing.

Third, he works every day to increase his hourly pay rate. His first job was free: play drums on the internet. He was a sensation. His latest gigs pay enough to support a whole entourage of folks that support his career--hair stylist, clothes stylist, vocal coaches, and drivers. Who can you bring in to support your hair style, clothes style, or other personal stylings so that you can increase your pay rate? Justin's job is to be very good at the music. His support staff is there to make sure he can focus on that part of his job. Pareto's Law states that 80% of our income is generated by 20% of our efforts. Justin has hired people to do 80% of the effort so he can focus on the most important 20%. No one else can Justin Bieber like Justin Bieber does.

What can you do today to increase your pay rate like Justin Bieber?

  1. Take 15 minutes in a quiet corner and think about last week. What did you enjoy? What were you excited about?
  2. Go tell three people about the discoveries you made in that 15 minute quiet corner. Who do you really want to tell? How can they help you? Will they be good cheerleaders or will they chip in and help you enjoy the things you thought of?
  3. Take out a piece of paper and write how much you put into the bank last month. Where did you generate that income? How did you make that money? Who can you hire or bring along you so that you can focus on that income generation? What is your 20% that no one else but you can do? What is the 80% that anyone else can do?