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A Young Farmhand Becomes The Greatest Industrialist

Henry Ford was born in 1863 into a US farming family.  Today, through the Foundation he began, his net worth stands at around $190 billion.  He was a prominant Freemason, family man, and Industrialist whose philosophies were hard work, dedication, positive thought and most of all - self belief.

This article looks at 3 of his main lessons that still apply today.

"Whether A Man Believes He Can Or Believes He Can Not - He Is Correct"

This famous quotation from Ford dictates lesson number one - if you truly believe in your success it will come.  This lesson has been proven over and over throughout History.  Tyson often says that he had beaten his opponents before he entered the ring - they had lost self belief and therefore lost their chance at success without a punch being thrown.

Contrast Tyson's opponents lack of belief against any "winner" you can think of and the depth of the power of belief begins to appear. 

In our personal lives this is also true. It is difficult to review one's own achievements without realising we believed in our chances of success.  This is one of the main reasons that children of teachers often become teachers - they believe that achievement possible, children of famous singers often become famous themselves as this is totally attainable in their minds.

Ford strongly believed that if you believe then a prize will be yours, your mind will guide you in how to take that prize.

"Don't Find Fault, Find A Remedy"

Ford's second lesson again focusses on training your mind to indulge in positive action.

It is very easy to express why something may not work - you find the majority of people you will meet are happy to enlighten you on this.  However, the people who become successful in their fields look at potential problems differently - they find solutions!

For those who understand rule one regarding belief, a hurdle you need to find a solution for is a good thing.  It is these hurdles that the fault finders will not be able to cross, meaning the success is only reserved for the remedy makers.

Again there is a multitude of historical evidence to support this lesson;

The Wright Brothers would have faced more than one fault in their plan to fly the first airplane.  More people believed it was impossible than possible - but the philosophy of solution finding and belief won through.

Mark Zuckerberg didn't finish Facebook in one draft. Many problems and issues would have to be overcome before it became a global phenomenon.

In every day life we have a choice.  Simply it is find a reason and method to achieve what we want, or find a reason to justify why we haven't.  To paraphrase Ford's quotation in lesson one - which ever one you believe will be correct.

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"One Of The Great Discoveries A Person Makes, One Of Their Great Surprises, Is To Find They Can Do What They Thought They Couldn't Do"

Ford Adamantly believed that any person could achieve what they put their mind to.  He rightly claimed that "nothing was particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs".

Remember learning to ride a bike? Few things could have seamed more daunting at the time.  One small step at a time it came together.  Every time you fell off, you got back on.  If you didn't then you still don't ride a bike.  You don't ride a bike not you can't - it is just that you stopped believeing or found faults not remedies.  For those who did keep going - how exhilerating a feeling when you achieved the thing you were worried you couldn't!

Positive Thinking

At the heart of what Ford teaches is the power of positive thought and belief.  Ford is one of many successful people studied by Napoleon Hill in his book "Think And Grow Rich".  I cannot reccomend reading this enough - it changed my perception on may things and has increased my own confidence.  Attached is a link to buy this on Amazon or you can search the net.  Any questions on the book please leave a message on this article and I will try to respond.

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