Suffering from dry, itchy red patches of skin that cover your arms, legs, stomach, back or face? Often notice your skin oozing and causing an incredible amount of pain, and no matter how you try to treat it, it never seems to go away? If you have any of these symptoms, there is a good chance you have eczema.

Eczema is a skin condition that millions of people suffer from, yet it's one of the most under-treated skin conditions. If you end up diagnosed with eczema, chances are you'll be treated with a topical steriod cream that helps lessen the symptoms of eczema. While this can cause temporary relief, it doesn't get rid of eczema completely, nor does it prevent it's return.

There are a variety of things that can cause eczema to flare up. While everyone may have stronger reactions to things that others may not, there are a few common lifestyle adjustments that can be made in order to help cure eczema. In fact, some of these adjustments that you make may even help eliminate the need for any prescription treatments given to you by a family doctor.

If you want to put a stop to this painful skin disease, check out these 3 lifestyle changed tips below:

Change Your Diet

Believe it or not, your skin reacts to what you eat. Some foods can cause adverse affects on your skin, while others can help it. If you notice any eczema flare up after eating a particular food, document and monitor it. If you continually start to see your skin reacting each time you eat a specific food item, try eliminating it from your diet, as this may be attributed to your eczema.

Use Free and Clear Soaps and Detergents

Laundry detergent and other soaps are usually filled with a lot of chemicals. Some of these chemicals can be strong and cause your eczema to break out (and irritate it even more if you already have a breakout). Make sure you purchase body soaps and laundry detergents that are fragrance free and have no color or dye in them. Doing so can have dramatic effects on your skin.

Wear Loose Clothing

Always wear clothing that is loose fitting and light, preferably a made of a light and absorbant material. 100% cotton usually is the best type of clothing for people who have eczema. Heavy clothing can cause you to sweat, which can irritate your eczema. By keeping your clothes light and breathable, you reduce the chances of sweating and irritating your skin even more.

It can be tough to control eczema, but if you follow these three tips, you can help treat and cure eczema (and prevent it from reappearing again and again).