There is nothing worse than a drooping pair of pants on a man; that is why belts are so important. Belts are not only used as functional tools to help you from looking like a fool with your pants on the ground, they can be stylish accessories as well. When you want to keep your pants up in style, there are a couple places you might want to check out, Paul Frederick MenStyle and Buckle. These websites offer a variety of styles to choose from, below is a list of some of the more popular styles in men's belts:

1. Leather Belts

You can find leather belts in just about any color to match your ensemble. The great thing about leather belts is that they are very versatile. They can be worn with a business suit, slacks or even a nice pair of jeans. The care for the leather belt is minimal and they are designed to last. You can also find leather belts that are made with both leather and suede for a more unique look.

2. Suede Belts

These belts are usually a more casual style belt; you might find men wearing them with slacks or even jeans. The look is very stylish and creates a flare for even the plainest of outfits. You can find suede belts in an assortment of colors.

3. Two Tone Belts

These belts help create a more casual look to a formal outfit or can be worn simply as a casual belt. They are normally found in leather and are offered in a variety of mixed colors. The classic oxford style of dark brown and tan mixed is a very popular and classy style for this particular type of belt.

No matter what you are wearing, a belt can help add some much needed style to the outfit. With a suit, you should always wear a belt and slacks almost always will look better with one on. Jeans may be worn with or without a belt, but with one always seems to add more style and create a more stylish look. The most important thing to remember is that you never want to be caught with your pants down or even just drooping, so a belt is the best answer to ensure this never happens.


Once you have decided on the type of belt you want to wear, you can accessorize it with a stylish belt buckle. Many men choose to wear belt buckles to not only add some added flare to their outfits, but to show a little bit about their character while wearing it. You might find men wearing belt buckles that are displaying their favorite sport, team or hobby and even some who will wear the ones that represent their occupations. Whether the belt buckle is a favorite football team, fishing or hunting buckle or a buckle for firemen, police officers or Nascar fans, it can be worn with pride.