If you're not utilizing pictures in your articles then you are severely missing out on a good chance of getting tons of of traffic from Pinterest. When you write an article for InfoBarrel, your blog, or any other website, then you should always include at least one interesting and eye-capturing image. If you consistently pin images then you'll get plenty of people to eventually begin sharing and re-pinning your pictures and then every time somebody clicks on the picture it will take them to your blog post or article.


I am truly amazed that a lot of people that write articles have not begun to utilize Tumbler to get traffic to their articles. I have used tumbler with a lot of success in the past and feel that it is one of the greatest sources of traffic that you can get for free to your websites or blogs.

Forum Signatures

Many forums allow you to post a signature. In your signature area you can post a link to your website. Forum signatures are often a much underutilized source of free web traffic to your articles.

In order to best utilize forum signatures it is best to be a good member of the forum and constantly be helpful and not spamming. Once your reputation for trustworthiness builds up in the community then you can add your signature. Many people will link to the index page of their blog but I prefer to link to an individual article that the forum members may find interesting. An example of this is if the form is about muscle cars then I might link to an article I wrote called “Top 10 Muscle Cars To Pick Up Women With”.

By using this method you're a lot more apt to get targeted traffic and their much more willing to click on an ad when they do arrive to your article or blog post.

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