The growing nonprofit sector provides necessary services and resources for those in need and there are multiple outlets for those who would like to volunteer their time and skills for the better good.

There is ample demand for writers, translators, graphic designers, researchers, web developers, environmentalists, and teachers to lend their skills. Dedicating a portion of your spare time to a mission driven organization can be a very fulfilling, very rewarding endeavor.

And with the improvement of technology and availability of the Internet, it is possible to volunteer remotely for organizations across the globe.

Here are three methods/platforms for finding the best opportunity:

3.) UN VolunteersUNVolunteersCredit: UNVolunteers

Here you will find a variety of opportunities from UN posts and other approved organizations. Opportunities are published daily and come from all over the world.

On the homepage along the left, the search fields of task, development topic, region, and hours per week can all be refined. 

To apply, you must first create an account. Each opportunity has a breakdown of the task, number of volunteers requested, background information, objective, and duration. When applying, you will be asked several questions relating to the task and your experiences.

2.) IdealistIdealistCredit: Idealist

With their stated mission to, close the gap between intention and action by connecting people, organizations, ideas, and resources, Idealist provides ample opportunities to be discovered.

All sorts of organizations use the platform to post Job, Internship, and Volunteer openings. There are also Action and Event tabs. Filed under Action are one-time requests by nonprofits and under the Events page are workshops and/or gatherings.

IdealistCredit: Idealist

To find online volunteer opportunities, click on the Volunteer tab, along the left panel, then go to Location and select Remote results only (worldwide). The same can be done for Job and Internship opportunities.

One tip is to also search terms like, “home based” and “remote.”

1.) Reach out

This final method is to outreach directly to an organization you’re passionate about, offering your services. Be professional and clear. Think out what you’d like to do, promotion, design, advocacy, etc. and include it within your correspondence. Include your resume.

Search online for the contact information for the place you’d like to volunteer. If there are multiple contacts, use either the general or human resources.

Overall, commitments must be reasonable when choosing an opportunity. Chose something you can get motivated about and take action. It will be what replaces financial motivators.

Benefits of Volunteering

Along with the personal and organizational benefits, there are other tangible positives from volunteering.

Develop and hone your skills

The time spent volunteering is a great opportunity to develop your skill. To become a better writer, one must write, a painter, paint, and so on. Putting in the time has a positive correlation with ability.


Establishing connections and work relationships makes for learning experiences and can even open doors down the line.


The momentum gained in your volunteer position can be used to propel you into another opportunity. Scholarships, grants, internships, and jobs all request recommendations. Using your connections and building a reputable reputation is how to establish yourself and develop professionally.