What I have here in the article are three facts, The kind of facts that make you sit up and go “huh I didn't know that.” The kind of facts that can either sooth you to sleep at night or keep you up, the kind of facts that most people don't want to know. I might even have a fact or two that has been kept from you through a clever misdirection of information. But these facts are ones that I feel deserve to be brought out in the bright light of day and aired out for everyone to enjoy or cringe at.


Mindblowing Fact # 1

Roughly 40 PERCENT of the food grown in America today is wasted and sent to the landfill. That’s right over a third of the food grown in this country never makes it to your plate. We live in what is one of the most technological advanced and at one point prosperous countries in the world and yet we waste 40% of our food to the landfill. If we could save just 15% of that we could feed 25 million more people in a country that currently has 1 in 6 of its citizens go hungry. There will always be loss in food production from the farm all the way to the store. But there is no good reason why so much food is lost to the garbage on a daily basis. It would be nice if we could blame the farmers, food processors and shippers but we really can't. The biggest culprit of wasted food is you and me. When we don’t finish a meal or forget about that steak in the back of the freezer it turns in the lion share of the food waste.


Mindblowing Fact # 2

 There are 7-10 calories of fossil fuels in every calorie of food produced in American today. Now I bet some of you are going big whoop so what if there are 10 fossil calories for every 1 food calorie. Well the funny thing about fossil fuels is that they are not renewable and they are built into every part of industrial agriculture. From the tires to the fertilizer everything is made from or by fossil fuels and with all this energy put into food production, storage and transportation we are utterly dependent on something that by definition will not last forever. To be blunt industrial agriculture built on fossil fuels is a on a slippery slope and it could be a nasty fall when the edge finally gets here.


Mindblowing Fact # 3

Were are running out of easy to mine phosphate. For those of you that don't know what phosphate is it is one of the major nutrients that enables plants to grow. Along with nitrogen and potassium or NPK as it is know is the agriculture community it gave us the Green Revolution. This great abundance of food we have enjoyed in America is directly linked to the artificial fertilizers that are created, mined, shipped, packaged and finally applied to agriculture fields across this country and the world. Unlike nitrogen which makes up over 70% of our atmosphere phosphate is a mineral the must be mined and there are only a few places in the world that have easy to get at sources. The US mines most of what it uses but we only have so much and we are the “masters” of the intensive industrial agriculture that uses phosphate like its free. Research and studies have shown that we could run into something called Peak Phosphorus which means that after a certain point production will decline and prices will rise. Some people believe this may have already passed and if you ask a local farmer they will tell that fertilizer prices has risen dramatically in recent years.


Well hopefully your mind has been blown and if you already knew some or all of these facts then your mind has already been pre-blown and you know what I'm talking about. When I found out about the above it shifted the world for me and it made me look at food way differently then I ever did before. I hope you have enjoyed my 3 mind blowing facts and that they have done what I hoped they would.



Food, Inc
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