3 Minute P.A.R.E.N.T. Guide to Knowing What Your Child Needs Most

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By: J. Marlando

There’s no doubt about it—conscientious parents concern themselves with their children’s future. They not only hope that their boys and girls grow up to succeed and be happy in their lives but also to be the best human beings that they can be. And so, concerned parents want their children to grow up having character.

Having character is not only to do right, but to do right without claiming righteousness.

Having character is to live moralistically without becoming the moralist and to stand firm for one’s beliefs without becoming the radical.

Caring parents want their children to be illuminated by love; to be open to the world without becoming vulnerable to it; to be generous without being foolish and to be self-assured without being arrogant.

I offer what I have named “the 3 minute guide,” to accomplish these complicated goals…simply:


Praise your child for accomplishing tasks and goals, for trying, for being kind, for being loving and…for simply being.


Affirm your child’s value as a person. Gift your child with the affirmation that he or she is both loving and lovable. 


Reason with your child and by doing this you will teach your child to be reasonable; to think and not merely obey or follow.


Encourage your child to be all that he or she desires to be but no more; to be happy and enjoy life, the rest will follow.


Nurture: Feed and clothe and shelter your child but beyond all else be attentive: be there to dry his or her tears, and sometimes to simply listen and give the sanctuary of a hug.


Teach your child to be forgiving as there is no greater peace of mind than that which follows forgiveness; to be kind as there is no goodness that surpasses kindness…Instruct your child to be conscientious as true conscientiousness always leads to success. And love your child always, as there is no better teacher than this.

Rich or poor, there is no better parenting than this.