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List building is crucial to Internet Marketing. To get a strong database of reliable customers is the difference to earning a part time or full time living in this business. However, there are some marketers that struggle to build reliable and good quality lists and they wonder why. I have explained 3 mistakes I often see when it comes to list building.

1) No diversity

I believe to build a strong list you need to gather data from different strategies. I sometimes see some internet marketers focus only on getting followers from Twitter and Facebook. Those are both great sites to get followers from and help spread word of mouth but usually these followers don't convert to sales as easily. The flipside is I see some marketers focus only on grabbing followers from niche focused sites and wonder why they can't grow their base too much. This is because these types of followers are often less social and might just keep their findings to themselves. Diversify and you will build a bigger more varied list.

2) Not enough communication

I know of some marketers that like to build big lists but only seem to use them for rainy days. Its great to harvest email addresses but you also need to build a relationship with your customer base. Even if it's the odd email sending out an interesting article about a hot topic it keeps your name or brand fresh in their minds. It also helps create a trust. Therefore, eventually when you have a hot product to sell you can suggest it in your regular emails and you will see a lot more conversions. These guys I know that harvest emails, sometimes only send out one email a month to a list and that is to try and sell a product. Sure they still make a few sales but I think they would make a huge increase if they kept in regular contact with their client base.

3) Poor Autoresponders

Autoresponders are very important to this field. When you set up your auto response emails they should be so well written that your new follower actually believes that you have just forwarded this email to them personally. If your auto responder reads exactly like it is an "auto response" your customer is less likely to trust your brand. Its true that people aren't stupid and can tell what emails are automatic and what ones aren't, however a little bit of personality and personalisation can go a long long way in this business. Put effort into your auto responses, make them sound natural and don't send too many out at a time.

So those are the 3 biggest mistakes that I see happening all the time in list building over the Internet. Its fine by me because as long as people keep making these mistakes it just means bigger and better lists for me to monetize!