3 Most common Twitter Mistakes That Don't Make Money

Twitter is a great medium for businesses to use for advertising. The greater the amount of followers a user has the greater the chance the message will get exposure. Simply adding 1000 friends a day will not be effective and will take up huge amounts of time. Users will want to target specific groups of twitter users that would be interested in that specific product. It is better to have only 20 followers that are actual real twitter users and share interest in the product you are promoting, rather than 1000 twitter users that will have no idea what your talking about and no interest or reason to follow you for further promotions. Building a solid following will not happen over night, it will take time and effort to target users that will be interested in your products or services. Once you have built a following and are ready to start promoting products or services there are 3 key things to remember.

#1. Access

Make sure your product is accessible online, even if its just a small information page. Targeting people online for a product or service that cannot be researched further online will drive customers away quickly. Building credibility is important, this will lead to future sales and a good reputation with customers.

#2. Avoid Becoming a Spammer

Regardless of how many other users are following you, don't spam the ad or promotions non stop. Splitting up promotions and ads with informative posts and tips will also help build up credibility and help grow the following of users. Offering free information related to your product is a great way to not spam your following with ads and promotions, but still keep the interest focused.

#3. Be Active

Balance is key. Too many posts and users may be quick to un-follow, too few posts and the information you are attempting to promote will go unnoticed. Try and post information throughout the day, different users will be accessing twitter at different times. Again posting informative posts along with the promotion posts will also keep the balance here.

Promoting products and services on twitter is an amazing opportunity for any business or individual looking for more exposure. Getting started and joining twitter is the first step, after some trial and error the force that is twitter can bring in new customers every day and increase your success.