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Forget about smartphones and tablets. In 2013, the 3 following gadgets are the must-have devices, the ones you will have most fun with and that will make your life so much more enjoyable.

You may have lived properly without them until now but, now that they are out, you definitively need them.

1. Android Watch

This gadget will make you regret you bought an iPhone or a Windows phone (don't tell me you managed to get a Firefox OS phone). How does it work? It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and shows you alerts if you receive a SMS, tweet, facebook update, ...

If you get a phone call, you can see who is calling and stop the call without even having to get your mobile out of your pocket. You can also take photos remotely, etc... The possibilities are unlimited... You can actually even use it as a watch. Incredible, isn't it?

Video Demo of the Sony Smartwatch

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Sony SmartWatch US version 1 Android Bluetooth USB Retail Box
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(price as of Jun 11, 2014)
As said in the title, this is a must-have gadget.

2. A 3D Printer

The next thing to get is a 3D printer. When people hear about a 3D printer, they are generally sceptical. What would I print in 3D?

But this is because printing has become a bit outdated and because it is hard to realize how big are the possibilities with a 3D printer.

For example, have you thought about printing some furniture? Completely unique models, designed by you! People have been known to print fully fonctional guitars, houses, etc...

In the future, I imagine printing out 3D printers with your 3D printer (how cool would that be?!) or printing a clone of yourself and sending him to work, while you spend some time home with your 3D printed family... Ok, I may be taking it a bit too far...

Already Available at Amazon!

Afinia 3D Printer H-Series
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(price as of Jun 11, 2014)

3. A Google Glass

Kind of some Google goggles, this device is also opening the door to infinite possibilities.

Imagine being able to check out how-to manual while you are doing something, get some info when watching a movie, etc...

The concept of augmented reality has been source of many sci-fi books and it is exciting to see it come to reality.

Here is a video where CNET shows 5 uses for the Google glass.

CNET Video About Top5 Best Uses for Google Glass

Where to Get Google Glass

Unfortunately, this device is not out yet, so you will have to wait a little. You can subscribe here to stay informed about it or check this article regularly (I will update it as soon as the Google glass is released).

While waiting, why not try 3D-printing out an Android watch?