How to increase your value by adopting 3 attitudes

Are you stuck in a rut or at a dead end job that you hate?  If so then why not change your situation by changing your outlook?.  I wanted to share 3 attitudes that you can adopt and apply to increase your productivity, your value, and your happiness. They each will come with a short story about how I learned that these attitudes work so enjoy and I hope this article is of some value to you (if so please comment or share).


1.   Make Sales Without Being A “Salesman”

  • For a short time of my professional life I was a new and used car salesman.  I was hired because I was young and very ambitious.  This particular dealership was also very particular about being as the best salesman you could be.  So much in fact that every salesman had to go through a rigorous 7-day training course about how to convince people what vehicle they should buy and convince them they should pay the dealerships price (so up-charged through the roof).  I tried these techniques my first few weeks and to be honest I had zero luck.  After about 3 pay periods of no sales I The Sleezy SalesmanCredit: to ditch the hardcore salesman attitude and try to sell cars the way I would want to be sold a car.  Instead of leading customers to cars that I thought they’d like, I let them tell me what they wanted.  Instead of pushing options and extra insurance on them, I would tell them the best accessory store to go to IF they wanted to add anything and let them know which insurance companies offered better deals than us.  And finally, instead of using the “make the sale at any cost” attitude, I told my customers that if they weren’t sold on the car or price I would not waste their time any more.  It was these types of techniques that shot me to the top of the sales board and made me more money in commissions than I knew what to do with!  The lesson to learn from this is that if you can’t make a sale using only your knowledge and you have to sneak in hidden costs to get your price than you are doing it wrong.  Sell yourself and your abilities and if the customers like how you work then you might be able to sell your product also.

2.         Be Passionate About Your Profession

  • After I worked as car salesman, I decided that I still wanted to do sales only something not so demanding and something that I enjoyed selling.  I wasn’t really being controlled by any big bills at the time so I decided to apply (and I got the job) at a big retail sporting goods store.  Now I am the typical guy that likes to look at pretty women, enjoys good food and drinks, and LOVES sports!  That third thing was what made me take a job making less money and working less hours.  I worked in the sporting goods department (i.e. baseball, football, basketball) and my job was literally to walk around and talk about sports with people… AND I GOT PAID FOR IT! I can Hate your job?Credit: say that there was never a day that I didn’t look forward to going to work and I would even go in when I was off just to be around something that I enjoyed so much.  What I am trying to tell you with this story is that if you are doing what you love you will never “work” a day in your life.  If you are at a job you hate and every day you ask yourself what happened then it is time for a change.  Do everything you can to cover the bills and demands of life and find something that will make you happy.  A good book to read that really teaches people how to take control of their life is The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco.

3.         Never Stop Learning

  • I currently am working in construction as a drywall estimator and to be honest I never thought I would be doing this.  I still love what I do (not as much as getting to talk about sports all day) but now I make a little more money and have a lot more security.  The only reason I am where I am now is because I was open to learning.  I was offered a job about 3 years ago as an office assistant in my neighbors business and that opened doors that I never even knew existed for me.  Now I have a safe, well-paying job and I know that I still have a million opportunities that will come my way because of my willingness to learn.  If you are always open to knowledge then you will always be presented with new opportunities and if anything ever happens where you need to change your situation you will have plenty of tools in your toolbag of knowledge to try out.  Another thing that I am doing right now is teaching myself how to create a successful, sustainable, and profitable website.  That is a perfect example of adding a skill to my list of capabilities that is sure to open doors for me.  So never turn away knowledge because the one thing you may turn done could be the one thing that would have sent your business or career to new heights!


Thanks again for reading and I really hope some of this information and the real life stories I had to back it up helps you in some way.  I would also love to read what you have to say, so let me know what you think in the comments section and if you have some good content I’d love to take a look!  Also, I recommend you check out my website which is listed in my signature and you can also see how to follow me on twitter there.  Thanks!