Food Inc.

A 2008 documentary that delves deep into the sometimes shady world of industrial agriculture and food production. It brings some alarming facts and truths to light about food production in our modern world. Divided up into 3 segments the first dealing with meat production, the second with grain production and finally with the economic and policy influence that large agribusinesses can exert on government regulatory bodies like the USDA and FDA. I found this documentary to be very eye opening and shocking with some of the imagery it found showing how large agribusiness farms treat animal like disposable bits of trash. However the part that is most interesting in my opinion is when it looks into just how much influence these agriculture companies have in our government. It really is a must see documentary for anyone interested in how food is grown and produced in America.

Forks over Knives

This documentary delves into the claim that food can be used to treat most if not all of the ailments that plague mankind. From heart disease to cancer it asserts that with the proper diet of fresh, nutrient, dense foods and exercise we could potential stave of old age and be illness free for our suddenly longer lives. While the claims of the film haven't been scientifically proven and only a few studies like the China Study show any glimmer of hope for the idea. But unproven claims aside the documentary does offer a new and obviously healthier way to live if we wanted to embrace it.

Forks Over Knives
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This excellent documentary and its companion book are a tantalizing look into a future where instead of popping pills you will instead have a salad to cure your aches and pains

Dive-Living off of Americas Waste

Following the exploits of a dumpster diving man named Jeremy Seifert he shows just how much food is tossed out by grocery, department, and bulk purchase stores in America. A lot of food in the dumpsters is still perfectly edible and with the little know how easy to eat. He and his family eat well from what other people throw away on a nightly basis. One of my favorite parts of the film is were a chef friend of his prepares a gourmet meal that would have cost them a good bit of money at his restaurant from what they gathered from dumpsters. It is eye opening film that really shows how wasteful we are as a society when it comes to our food.


There are many documentaries out there that cover agriculture, food, and healthy eating and these are just three of my favorites. For anyone that is remotely interested in food or agriculture in this country the documentaries above are a must see.


Dive!: Living off America's Waste
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Engaging and informative this film will make you think twice about the food in the dumpster