Hey guys! I just recently moved back to Walnut Creek, after being away for almost three years. I have to say Walnut Creek, has some amazing new additions.

I myself am not a big fan of sports; so the usual sports bars that various cities display is a turn-off.

C U Sushi


Sushi(83560)Credit: http://www.cusushi.com/

So, the other night I went out for sushi. I stumbled upon C U Sushi, on 1690 Locust St. This place has super nice service, an attentive staff and the food is good, and for the price absolutely a great place for a quick bite.

I had the combo, where you get a roll and some assortment of nigiri sushi. I was amazed a the portion sizes, and for $13 had plenty of food.

Residual Sugar


Wine & FoodCredit: http://www.residualsugarwine.com/On the way to C U Sushi, I walked past a wine bar, Residual Sugar on 1684 Locust St. My eyes almost popped out of my head, when I peaked inside and saw a super cool lounge bar, stacked with wine.

I love wine, and can easily drink a bottle of fermented grape juice as if my life depended on it. So, after Sushi, I went back to Residual Sugar. The bar is small, but very comfortable. Dim lighting, super cool background music, and an awesome décor with sexy comfortable seating.

The staff at Residual Sugar was awesome, very friendly and knowledgeable. And if you are like me and really don’t know to much about wines, you’ll find how easy it is to pick something after you’ve had a taste or two of different varietals and grape concoctions.

I think I closed the place down, which unfortunately was around midnight. But hey, its Walnut Creek and you can’t have everything.

OL Beercafe


Beer(83566)Credit: ScalerAnd last, from the recommendation by one of the bartenders from Residual Sugar, a super nice girl by the name of Dina, who recommended I check out the beer bar just around the corner. The OL Beercafe, is an awesome little beer boutique. It’s located on 1541 Giammona Drive. It gives you a feel as if you walked into some kind of beer house from Europe, to the likes of Scotland or Belgium.  They boast 18 tabs of beer. They have refrigerators stocked with beer from all over the world to pick, choose and take home. Again if you feel overwhelmed by all the choices you can taste your way through those 18 tabs or go by the recommendation of the knowledgeable staff.


These three places are within 5 minutes of each other, and in walking distance from BART. If you live in Walnut Creek, or are visiting, let it be known, that Walnut Creek has improved tremendously by these new additions…