Honing Survival Skill 1: Knitting

If you are anything like me, you can pass six hours easy on the couch focusing on your latest project. Knitting can be an obsession for many who practice the craft. I have spent many days knitting with my hands covered in tiger balm and bandages on my finger tips. 

The problem with knitting for hours at a time, besides for the consequences to my health, is that you can sometimes feel that by knitting, you aren't being as productive as you should be. If you decide to stop knitting and be productive, you're resentful of the task and all you want to do is start knitting again. 

I've been able to come up with a few ways to maximize my time by combining my love for knitting with my other obligations, activities, and hobbies. Here are the three best tips I have for knitters who also want to be regular people.

Yarn & NeedlesCredit: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/kfawcettCredit: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/kfawcett

1.) Get a membership to Audible.com and listen to an audio book every time you sit down to knit. 

I try to listen to non-fiction while I knit. This is because I find that it is a little more difficult to get through non-fiction than it is my favorite story. Instead of sitting in silence (which is relaxing but not productive), I listen to audio books. An average audio book is between 8-12 hours, but there are many audio books that are six hours or less. You can knit a hat, and listen to an entire book at once! 

2.) Knit during family movie night

If you are a professional, or even an intermediate, this should be no problem at all. If your family complains that you spend more time with your #9's than with them, you can always have a movie night and knit at the same time. It won't be a problem because it will be easy for you to pay attention to the movie while knitting. It's important to knit something rather simple while doing this (i.e. primarily stockinette stick or rib or an easy repetitive patter instead of a lace project). If you aren't able to answer every question about the movie, you've forfeited the right to multitask and now your family can ask you to leave the needs behind! 

3.) Bring your projects with you on your commute, and while you are running errands

This works better if you carpool to work or take public transportation. It's not a good idea to knit while driving. Trust me. 

You should also bring your project with you everywhere you go. You will inevitably have to wait while you are running errands, and you can utilize this time to continue you project. 

Portable projects are best when they are on circular needles. So if you are still stuck on those straight needles, give them up for circulars!