Listen and Learn

There are approximately a bazillion podcasts out there on nearly any subject imaginable. They can be invaluable resources when you can find quality shows with hosts that are knowledgeable in their subject matter. 

Let's focus on a very popular and important topic while we're sifting through the multitude of podcasts out there: passive income. That sweet, sweet income stream that makes you money even while you sleep. Creating multiple streams of income is advised by many financial experts. Having money coming in around the clock, whether you are actively working or not isn't just some pipe dream. Many people around the world are doing it and there are numerous resources to learn how you can get started. Finding the quality places and people to learn from is the hard part. 

It is advisable when learning something to learn it from experts. Learn from the people who have actually done what they teach. That is one reason the internet, and podcasts are so cool. You can access the top players in the field and hear what they have to say. The following 3 podcasts are gold mines of wisdom and knowledge to get you started building you empire. 

The Tim Ferriss Show

Bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek among other books, Timothy Ferriss sparked the idea of the passive income lifestyle for a lot of people. Tim is super smart and very entertaining in all the forms of media he utilizes. He's got an award-winning blog to go along with his bestselling books. Tim also hosts a fantastic podcast called The Tim Ferriss Show where he interviews top performers from all walks of life. 

Tim will drop knowledge on you on a variety of subjects like peak performance, health, learning and life hacking. When you listen to his podcast, you're going to learn a lot. Because his break out book was about learning to outsource a lot of your work so you can do whatever you want with most of your time, he tends to touch on the passive income topic a good amount. 

Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income 

Pat Flynn is a former architect who's inspiring tons of people with his story of learning to make a living on the internet. Pat has built a passive income empire and has written about the entire journey on his blog. Pat is a breath of fresh air as he is completely transparent and honest. He shows his audience income reports that show where all his income is coming from. Along with his blog, Pat hosts The Smart Passive Income podcast in which he shares his insights and interviews others. The podcast focuses a lot on how to build passive income streams. 

Side Hustle Nation

The Side Hustle Show is hosted by Nick Loper. Nick is an entrepreneur who advocates having side hustles that generate income streams besides your main job or income. On the show, he interviews different entrepreneurs and teaches how to build your side hustle business or businesses. Several of the business ideas include passive income models. 

The above shows will go a very long way to get you started on the road to passive income success. There are a great many resources out there to learn from and having a good jumping off point is priceless. Listening to these podcasts will direct you to other great places to learn. 




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