Personalized internet radio has been huge for the last few years. Growing and growing, with new services popping up all the time. Some personalized radio sites are just ok, some are terrible, and some are really great. Some people like a personalized radio station that is easy, other want one that plays a variety of artists, and others just want to hear something new. Whatever your listening style here are my top three personalized internet radio sites to satisfy your auditory cravings. is by far my favorite personalized radio site. It has a large artist database including all the big ones you’d expect, smaller artist, and foreign musicians. Another great feature of is that it doubles as Wiki for artist. You can read bios, look at images, and see the entire discography of your favorite bands, so you can know everything that there is to know about your favorite artists. has the most customizable and finely tunable personalized radio experience. If you want it to, and with the help of some extra software, is able to track your listening habits all over the internet on other sites like Pandora, and Google Music, as well as on your smart phone, and what you listen to on your computer. then serves up recommendations and custom radio channels based on all of your listening habits, and not just based on what you listen to on their site. This gives you the most accurate internet radio tailored to your specific taste that I have found on the internet.

Internet Radio: Music Blog Aggregator We Are HuntedCredit: We Are HuntedWe Are Hunted

We Are Hunted has only recently added a personalized radio feature to their site, and it has made the site go from being a great internet radio site, to one that is really great. We Are Hunted has always been focused on featuring the most hyped, and up and coming artist on the internet at any given time. Now you can start a radio station based on one of your favorite bands. We Are Hunted then starts a tailored music channel of emerging music that is similar to the band that you entered.

We Are Hunted isn’t nearly as powerful as, but if you like personalized internet radio, and new music, then it is the place to go.

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Pandora has been around for ages, and is the most popular personalized internet radio site. People swear by Pandora, and won’t use any other site, but personally I’ve never liked the site very much. Pandora is great for making a quick radio station based on your own tastes. However it seems to get repetitive very quickly. It doesn’t have the wide variety that has, or the new artist as We Are Hunted has. What Pandora does offer is a very straightforward and easy to use interface.

There you go, three of the best personalized internet radio sites on the web. There are more out there, but these are the best and most popular. If comprehensive and tailored to fit you is the way to go. If new music excites you then We Are Hunted is the ticket. If simplicity and ease of use is what you want then Pandora is your radio site. What ever way you go you’ll find great new music that fits your musical taste.

If you have any comments about these personalized radio sites, or suggestions of other great radio sites please leave them below.