A few of the top most important things in all of our lives include our homes and families. But even though these things are incredibly important, most of us have not taken the proper precautions and steps to keep them safe.

This doesn't even necessarily mean investing in Phoenix home security, or home security in any of your local cities. Most people don't know that out of all of the robberies that took place last year, a large chunk of them were residential robberies. Homes without security systems and clear safety planning are just easier to take advantage of. Another thing you might not know is that in about half of those robberies, the burglars gained access to the home simply by kicking the door in.

So yes, having home security systems or monitored alarm systems is one of the best ways to protect your home, but it is by no means the only way you have to go about securing your home and family.

In some cases, something as simple as locking your doors and windows in the evenings can deter burglars. If a burglar is looking for an easy entrance they may just go for homes with unlocked windows or security gates. For example, in my home town, Phoenix security reported that there was a spike in home robbery leading up to the summer. They stated that it was because as it was beginning to warm up and homeowners were starting to leave their windows open and unlocked in the evenings when they were away. This created super easy access for burglars.

Considering the prevalence of "kick door burglary," you can also help protect your home by making sure that your home's entrances are well secured. There are three main ways that you can do this.

3 Ways To Secure Your Home's Entrances

Use high-grade deadbolt locks.
When you first move into a new home or apartment, most likely you either do not have a deadbolt lock or you have a cheap, low-grade deadbolt lock. It is important to upgrade your locks to high quality, solid metal deadbolt locks. The locks should be a grade 1 or 2 and the throw bolt on your lock should be at least an inch long.

Upgrade your doors. It is also likely when you first move into a home that the doors are still the original doors the contractors put in during the build. In most cases, those are just doors with hollow cardboard cores that are easy to break through. Upgrade your door to a solid wood or solid metal door. At a minimum, you should try to have doors with a solid wood core.

Secure your door frames. To decrease the chances that a burglar could pry open your door frame while you are away in the evenings or on vacation, you should fortify your home's door frames. Most door frames are just tacked on and pretty easy to pry open or kick in for a burglar. You can secure your door's frame by having your contractor apply 3 inch screws, placed closely together, all along the frame.

Along with these tips, phoenix security authorities always suggest that you remember to change out your locks when you move to a new residence if you want to lessen the chance that someone else has a key to your home. And doing things like leaving the lights on with the curtains closed in your living room and kitchen areas can also deter burglars.