If you have a InfoBarrel account which I presume you have.

(If not you can sign up here).

The best way to get more referrals is rather a simple concept:

Use Your Referral Link More.

Yes, there is a possibility of overdoing it, but really, think about it. To you, you might think you have too many but that's only because you know where they are, where as to a visitor your links might not be seen. 

But where to put them?

This article is only going to go into where to put your referral link within InfoBarrel and not outside ( which should come in a later article).

Just before we get going, if you need reminding why Referrals are crucial please click here.

Your Signature

The signature is in a great location.

Right at the top of the side bar.

So you best make this count!

Now featuring the referral link in the signature on it's own is obviously not enough, so your going to have try and influence people into wanting to sign up under your referral link (obviously you need to tell them it is a referral link also.)

But the real trick is making the signature unique to the article.

Don't let your signature be generic, if the article is about Spaceships, have the signature that is aiming to get that referral within the topic of spaceships.

Your Content

Using cross editorial links.

Especially in the first paragraph, where the reader's eyes are instantly drawn to.

(check out: Yahoo Style Guide's post Eye-tracking: Where do readers look first?)

Better yet the opening line, of the first paragraph.

Better still, perhaps even a header!

But don't just use them here, use it throughout the article.

Where any reference that hovers around the topic of signing up for InfoBarrel and earning a passive income, well casually just ... drop it in. (then in the signature mention that referral links feature within the article).

Whilst making it relevant to them and useful to the article.

For example, an article about gardening :

"If there is anything you could possibly further add to my description of creating a Plant Bed, please do so by writing on InfoBarrel, by signing up here, and letting me know."

However, be sure not to just leave this sentence out on it's own.

Integrate it with other content as a part of a paragraph,

hopefully you will be more subtle also.

If you are being too obvious about it,w InfoBarrel may well ask you to change the article or add that context to your signature.

Your 'About Me' Page

Here you have an entire page to convince people to sign up as a referral under you.

If you are using Google Analytics (you get this as an option on InfoBarrel after publishing 10 articles), you will see that this is probably the most viewed page you have on InfoBarrel.

As this page recieves such a high amount of traffic, if you aren't posting at least three referral links on this page (alongside excellent content), you are more than likely losing out in them signing up under you.

With every single unique view! (someone who isn't already signed up to InfoBarrel).

Then you are utlimately losing out on hundreds of streams of income as explained here.