It is always nice to have a home office. Whether you are a telecommuter or you just like to browse the web, getting your work done is much easier in a home office because there are no distractions. This guideline will provide you with an overview of three products that your home office needs. To purchase any of the products mentioned in this guideline, check out stores like Quill and OfficeMax.

1. Computer System

Of course, the most important component of a home office is a computer system. If you are in the market for a new computer system, you need to decide if you want a desktop or a laptop. If you plan on only using your computer in your home office, save yourself the money and go with a desktop. If you travel often, a laptop may be the better option for you because of its portability. When you purchase a new computer for your home office, you should also purchase some software that you might need, such as a word processing program and an anti-virus program.

2. Office Chair

Having a good office chair is essential to having a functional home office. You need an office chair that you will be comfortable sitting in for a few hours or more every day while you complete your work. It is not a good idea to go cheap when you are purchasing an office chair. When you start looking at office chairs, you will notice that most have a usage rating. For example, a cheap $50 chair may only be suitable for one to three hours of use every day, while a more expensive $200 chair may be suitable for eight hours or more of use every day. Only you know how much time you will spend in your home office, so purchase an office chair that corresponds to your usage. If you have back problems, you may want to consider purchasing a memory foam office chair.

3. Printer

Every home office needs a printer. The type of printer that you purchase depends on your needs. Many people who have home offices tend to go with all-in-one printers because they are capable of printing, copying, scanning and faxing. If you are only going to be printing documents in your home office, any inkjet printer should work for you. If you are going to be printing a lot of color documents and photos, you may want to invest in a good color photo printer. If having high quality prints is important to you, a laser printer may be best for you. Be sure to check the price of ink cartridges before purchasing a printer. Ink goes fairly quickly, so you need to factor in the price of the ink for the printer you are looking at before you purchase it.