Master Cleanse Detox

Lemonade Diet

 In order to, successfully and safely, complete the lemonade diet you need to know two kinds of necessary information. The first is the positive, need-to-do part, the "do's". You should know what you have to do to be able to succeed.

 Second is the negative, need-to-avoid component, the "don'ts". It is important to know what you need to guard against and steer clear of. There is a lot of information out there on the lemonade diet, also known as the Master Cleanse. Here, however, are the basics in a simple do and don’t format.

 O.K. then, let's look at 3 of the do's and 3 of the don'ts of the lemonade cleansing diet:

 First "Do":

The first thing I recommend is to purchase quality ingredients. One of the benefits of lemonade diet is that it is very cost effective. You will need lemons, maple, syrup, and cayenne pepper powder. I recommend you spend a little extra, to purchase natural, organic ingredients. The reasons for this are that the benefit of the lemonade diet is its cleansing effect. You don't want to be filling your body back up with toxins while trying to detoxify. That would be counterproductive. You want to give your body pure, natural ingredients so it can heal and begin to work at an optimal level. Along with organic lemons, it is advisable to purchase grade B maple syrup. Grade B maple syrup is less refined and more nutrient dense than grade A.

 First "Don't":

Don't make a lifetime habit out of the lemonade diet. This means that it is meant to be more of a cleanse and jump-start to weight loss. It can be great to give the digestive system a rest and allow it to renew, however, should not be performed over ten days at a time. You want to continue to eat a balanced diet in between cleansing.

 Second "Do":

Make sure you are consistent with drinking the lemon concoction. You will want detoxifying to happen since your body is cleansing, but you need to have enough nutrients to continue your daily activities. Your brain needs glucose to function properly. The maple syrup helps with this. The lemon gives you some essential vitamins, while the cayenne has been found to increases circulation. Just not eating, without drinking the specially devised lemonade can make you feel sick and dizzy. I don't think you want that.

 Second "Don't":

The second don't is right along with the last "Do". Don't skip the lemonade. You may begin to get tired of mixing and drinking the lemon, cayenne blend throughout the day, but you must stay with it. Your body needs those nutrients as it detoxifies. The lemonade helps keep your bodies’ pH in balance and at a more consistent level. Instead of becoming weary of dragging ingredients around, you can prepare a day's batch all at once in the morning. There are variations to the diet. Some consume no solid food for the ten days, while others choose a less intense version and eat lightly. Either way, stick with pure, organic ingredients.

 Third "Do":

Do enjoy your heightened sense of awareness. As your body begins to cleanse, while getting past those first few challenging days, you will feel lighter and more aware. You will be more in tune with your body and how you feel. Cleansing can be challenging, but if you can get past that and enjoy the time, your mind and body will benefit. Additionally, remember that feeling as you go back to eating normally. A cleanse can provide long term, not just temporary benefits. If you take the time to relax and listen to what your body has to say, you will be more likely to call on that sense of awareness and clarity later.

 Third "Don't:

Don't let detox symptoms discourage you. What you need to do instead will be to make sure you are consistent with drinking the lemonade as mentioned earlier. You can increase the amount and number of times a day you drink it, if need be. Also, if you work a lot and need to keep your energy up, you may want to consider eating some light meals, including organic produce. Vegetable broths and herbals teas can be great to help with detox headaches and may also help the cleansing process. Drinking juiced greens is also very cleansing to the organs. Drink plenty of water, in addition to the lemonade, to make sure the toxins are being flushed out of your system as they are released. Some choose to drink salt water and laxative teas with the cleanse to keep the bowels moving.

 You can significantly improve your chances for success and minimize your chances of failure in the lemonade cleansing diet. It may not be easy, but can be very rewarding! All you need do is adhere to the above advice. Just do the positive things and do not do the negative ones! Many find that they loose a few extra pounds, gain energy, and mental clarity. Do and don't do as advised above and understand that the outcomes you receive will likely exceed any challenges.