Many folks have trouble sticking with a steady physical exercise program because they think they have a shortage of time. If working will take up the vast majority of your week for you and you are lacking the energy to exercise when you come home right after a chaotic day at work, then I have the solution for you. Bring your exercising to the office?

The following are a couple excellent bodyweight exercises that can be done right in your workplace.

Bodyweight Squats are an excellent way to exercise at work and take a needed break from sitting, all while giving you with a fantastic full body workout. Simply stand up in front of your seat, your feet a little more than shoulder width apart and toes facing slightly out around 20 degrees. While keeping your eyes and head up, squat down like you are about to sit on your chair while keeping your heels on the ground. When your butt hits the chair, stand back up to finish up the rep. Start off with 12 reps and work your way up to your max.

Yet another version of the body weight squat which builds amazing strength is the pistol squat. Balance on one foot standing in front of your seat with your other foot above the floor extended out in front of you. Squat down on your leg until your rear end touches the edge of your seat. While squatting, hold your other foot about 6 inches over the floor. If this is too tricky, then hold on to the arms of your chair for added balance and assistance. Do your maximum number of reps until you can not do another one and then swap legs.

A great full body exercise that you can do while working is the dip. Dips can be done by either making use of a steady chair or edge of desk. Stand with the desk about 12 inches behind you and place your hands securely on the edge of the desk, arms as close to ninety degrees to the ground as possible. Simply lower your body toward the floor right up until your arm is bent 90 degrees at the elbow, then push using your arms and triceps back to the starting position. Go for 8-20 reps. To boost the difficulty, merely adjust your feet further out from the desk, decreasing the total support from your legs.

If you are reading this article while on the job then guess what? You are stalling from work anyway!So Instead get up out of your chair this second and try some of these simple, effective bodyweight exercises. Do not worry about looking foolish. More than likely, if anyone sees you they will be motivated to do some office aerobics of their own.