Why Cloth?

It may be hard to believe that people still use cloth diapers, but it's true. Most families opt for disposable diapers; a few of us like to rock out cloth. There are many benefits to using cloth diapers such as fewer poop leaks, no harsh chemicals against baby's skin, better for the environment, budget friendly, and they are super cute. While all of these are great, I'm going to focus on the top three that moms say were the deciding factor. Those three benefits are they good for the Earth, budget friendly, and too adorable to say no.

My stash

1. Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle

Over 90 percent, of the billions of disposable diapers that are used each year, end up in landfills. Landfills take up precious space from wildlife. How terrible! I wouldn't want to live by millions of stinky, smelly diapers! Every time a cloth is used instead of disposable, one less diaper is thrown away. For me, seeing fewer bags of smelly garbage in my trash can every week is very rewarding. Once their cloth diapering life is over, they can be reused for cleaning rags. 

2. Pinching Pennies isn't Easy or Fun.

Making room in the family budget for all your necessities can be stressful. If you take into account that the average baby goes through over 3,600 diapers a year at 25 cents each.  That equates to at least 900 dollars; don't forget all the extra laundry you'll have to do because of inevitable poop leaks. It might be a good idea to purchase stock in the brand of diapers you use. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, cost far less. The main cost is initially buying the diapers. If you're thrifty you can get a whole stash for under 100 dollars. Washing you're diapers 3 times a week would only cost 156 dollars a year. As an added benefit, if you use them for more than one child you save even more. Pay 900 dollars a year, or pay 100 upfront and 156 a year. As a bargain hunting, coupon clipping mom, that's a deal I can't resist. 

3. Babies are cute!

What parent doesn't love to see their kids dressed in cute, or handsome, clothes? I don't know any. They come in so many adorable prints and fun colors. I love dressing our little one in a Tshirt and super cute airplane diaper cover.

Saving cute, fluffy animals, saving money, and seeing their baby in adorable diapers are the most common things cloth diapering moms rave about. How would you benefit?