Why not seek frequent feedback from your manager ?

Lots of employees have thought of it. Some actually followed through and do it quite frequently. Most only briefly considered the idea, then went on to another thing and waited for the manager to call them into the office. Others have become afraid of requesting a feedback session because they fear getting a poor review. They would rather just wait it out and hope that things are going alright.

O.K. now, wait up a few minutes!

We took on a big dose of negatives to begin with in the lead paragraph. Let's look at the positive side and consider 3 reasons why you might want to seek frequent feedback from your manager.

Firstly, for the positive side, allow me to mention that a feedback session will clarify your thinking about priorities and align your thinking with what your manager deems to be most important.

O.K., I hear your objection, that you know your job because it is in your job description.. It's actually a valid objection, I agree.

However, let me provide for your attention the fact that job descriptions are very generic and your role at any given time may be more targeted based upon the current business climate. In business, priorities change rapidly and you want to make sure you understand where you fit into the bigger picture at all times.

Second off, You truly should consider that you will learn new things about yourself and others perspective of your performance from a good feedback session. And, additionally, consider that often we are our own worse critics and areas where we feel inadequate may be viewed by others as our strengths. Additionally, we make not be aware of how our actions are perceived by others. Many times things are misinterpreted..

Third and lastly, you'll get to enhance the relationship with your boss. And that will result in improved communications. In addition, you may find he will develop more trust in your abilities and you will be given more visible assignments which can result in larger raises and bonuses and quite possibly future promotions.

When you have had a chance to study the reasons, and give thought to them, you'll see that a pretty good case can be made in support of seeking frequent feedback from your manager.

Think about this seriously for a moment. Perhaps you actually should start scheduling that next feedback session with your manager today?.