Bean bag toss, also known as cornhole, is a very popular game that enjoyed a boost in popularity when it was adopted by students at some American universities in the 90s, and today it's enjoyed by people of all ages everywhere.

The principle behind bean bag toss is very simple - your aim is to throw small bean bags into a hole at the end of a slanting board. Points are awarded for accuracy, and you get three points for getting a bag through the hole, and one if the bag just lands on the board itself. The first person to get to 21 points is the winner (you can read about the roles in much more detail over at Wikipedia).

If you're not already a bean bag toss fan, let's take a look at some of the reasons why you might enjoy playing it.

1. It's Fun For All The Family

Bean bag toss is one of those games that's great for children and adults alike, making it a great way for family and friends of all ages to come together for some outdoor fun. Like other lawn games, bean bag toss provides a way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and to get away from the computers and video games that so many of us seem to spend our lives in front of.

2. It's Simple, But Challenging

On the surface, bean bag toss looks about as easy as it gets; you simply throw a bean bag into a hole. However, as anyone who has tried playing the game knows, it's actually pretty challenging. As a result, bean bag toss is a great way of improving your and your kids' hand-eye coordination. You can also get less conventional cornhole boards which have more than one hole, which makes the game even more of a challenge as you aim to get the bag in a specific hole.

3. It's Inexpensive

Unlike many sports, bean bag toss doesn't cost a huge amount of money to play. A beanbag toss board and a set of gaming bean bags can be bought online for less than $50, and will last many years. And if you're feeling handy, you can always build your own board from plywood (there are plenty of websites which provide full instructions) and you can either buy a set of beanbags or even sew your own and fill them up with dried lentils or something similar.

So as you can see, bean bag toss has a lot going for it, so why not make the most of the summer weather and give it a try today!