Sometimes when the truth is revealed, many people cannot handle the truth simply because of how the news was delivered or the fact that the news simply became public.


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While any individual cannot control the reason for the truth becoming public, any man or woman can do something about how the truth was delivered. Honesty is the best policy, but when the time comes to reveal the truth it is really important to work on our delivery because there is no way to tell if our intentions will be accepted positively or negatively. Being honest is the best way to build credibility and character as person because the words that are spoken will hold a lot of weight, the person will keep a clear conscious, and people will view you as a more trustworthy person.

#1. Credibility has held a lot of weight in our history as human beings in the past, and credibility still continues to hold that weight now.

The more credible a person is, the more reliable that they are considered to be.A perfect example of credibility lies in the observation of politicians. During a politician’s campaign they will promise the world to the American people and sometimes even more than the world itself. Unfortunately, if this same politician wins and he or she is put into office then they have a tendency to completely change their whole demeanor and the American people will never get what they were promised beforehand. This “Bait and Switch” technique happens because they get the idea to “Sell the Dream” and they will promise change and promise miracles to get people to come over to their side and support them. When this politician gets the support and obtains a victory, they start to think of themselves and forget the people who made things possible for him or her to get to the top.

A full time liar will never have more credibility than a full time honest person of integrity. The reason why a full time liar will have more trouble being successful with his credibility is because he or she will be desensitized to lying and deceiving people so much, that their success will be dependent on getting people to put their faith and trust in them completely. When a person of integrity and trustworthiness comes along, they will be more likely to draw more people to them for those exact opposite reasons but they will be more successful in getting people to support them. Credibility can also grant you access to places that you never imagined, because if any man or woman can trust you with the small tasks, he or she will certainly not mind when it comes to more important tasks. When you keep your word and your word holds weight, there is no worry about whether you conscience is foggy or crystal clear.

#2. As human beings, our conscience can really be a superior guide at times. A good conscience can become the confession on the witness stand, or the release of a triumphant burden.

The conscience has a way of steering us in the right direction with both the small and the slightly bigger tests in life. For example, when a man chooses to live a double life with a wife and kids on one end, and then a girlfriend on the other end. This man’s family only sees him with his wife and family during the day and special occasions, but at night the situation is a different story. The man will go to his girlfriends’ house, unknowing to his wife and then before the night is over he will be sure to make it back home to his wife before she wakes up. In the beginning, he sees nothing wrong with deceiving his wife because he feels that as a married man it is okay to go outside his marriage as long as he does not get caught. Getting caught should be the least of his worries, because when he makes poor choices like living a double life it will affect all of the people who love and care about him. He is only thinking of himself when it comes to going outside of his marriage, which means he will ignore whatever his conscience brings to him.

A dishonest person that is used to lying on a regular basis usually does not have an ounce of good conscience in their bodies. They will lie to someone, or lie about something and they will not think twice about lying. Contrary to belief, a liar will go throughout his or her day and tell enough lies to write a book, and when their bedtime approaches they are able to sleep like a baby. The person will ignore their conscience thinking that they will never have to deal with any remorse of consequences in the future. Sometimes when a person refuses to listen to their conscience the reason that lies underneath acknowledging the truth is because of their pride. He or she is too proud to tell the truth especially if the truth will make them look bad. If the truth will make the person look bad, then they will try to “sugarcoat” the truth. Sugarcoating is the exact reason why men and women of all ages and walks of life need to be honest at all times. When a person sugarcoats the truth just to make the situation look better than the actual facts, it puts a dent in the self-esteem of the person who believed the lie when the truth is revealed. Our conscience is there to not only guide us, but to show a person that revealing the truth is a lot more rewarding because a good conscience shows that he or she is trustworthy.

#3. Trustworthiness puts the faith in a lot of people that he or she can get the job done.

When a person can be trusted no matter what task is assigned to them, this characteristic reflects heavily on their integrity and seals it rock solid. For example, a female babysitter who is a high school student is looking to make some money for her summer vacation before she goes back to school for her senior year. Over the years as she babysat her younger cousins in the family, she has made a name for herself and she is great with looking after children. She makes a couple of flyers and passes them out across town, and at the end of the week she gets 25 calls in response to her flyers that she put out during the week. When she ventures out to return those calls, more than half are from people that know her family or they are friends of the family. This girl has been bragged about by her family so much across town that she will have more than enough business of babysitting to keep her busy! The friends of her family that have been bragged to about her are confident in her abilities to babysit. Because of her history of looking after children, she is deemed as being reliable and trustworthy. In all of the times that she has babysat the children in her family there was never a report of her doing a bad job. Even on a larger scale than a teenager who wants to babysit children to make extra money when they have plenty of experience babysitting children in the family, trustworthiness remains a staple in her reputation.If a person cannot trust the words or the judgment that a man or woman exerts, then there is little room for him or her to have faith in their abilities.

In conclusion, being honest at all times will really help a person because their words will hold weight, they will have a clear conscience, and they will be considered more trustworthy.

A person should not only tell the truth, but they should also listen to their conscious so that they watch the words that come out their mouth. The delivery of the truth may not be welcome judgmental ears, but if the truth is delivered in a way that is not judgmental itself, they may accept the truth in the time to come later. The truth will set you free when you tell the truth, but the delivery of the truth will make you soar in relief.

no lies
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