A Clean jobsite will help you Maximize your profits.

How many coffee cups, coke cans, and cigarette butts could you pick up from your jobsite in five minutes? If the answer is one or more, you need to spend time cleaning. Cleaning requires a consistent, daily effort, and it is often difficult to get subcontractors and suppliers to comply with this. However, if your jobsite is clean, you will save money, reduce accidents, and increase the number of potential leads for your work. Your chances of a successful, profitable project are greater when you keep a clean, orderly site. 

Money in your pocket- If your project is clean, you will make more money. A few minutes at the end of the day will prevent many common issues. You will no longer buy the same material twice. No more buying a tube of caulk even though you could swear you just bought one (but can’t find it, and wonder if it made it into a scrap pile or someone’s truck). If you have a clean pile of lumber, you know how much is on hand, there will be no holdup on progress while a worker runs out to buy those two 2x10s. Instead of a giant heap of scrap lumber, the smaller unusable pieces will be in a trash can, and the usable pieces will be organized by length. This means that instead of cutting an 8’ 2x4 for cripples, your workers can go directly to the right cutoff section, and use the right length lumber. Maximize your material to maximize your income.  

Safety equals more profit-  Organized piles of lumber, and trash in trash cans instead of on the ground mean fewer opportunities for injury. A construction zone will always be a dangerous place- but with a clean site, the chance for injury is reduced. Electrical cords will snag less with less clutter to be snagged on. Fewer tools will be misplaced, and less time will be spent hunting for them. A clean place to work will reduce your worker’s frustration, and happy workers have fewer accidents. Reduced injuries mean that your worker’s compensation insurance will be cheaper, allowing you a higher profit per job. Becoming associated with a clean, safe jobsite will also attract higher quality labor and subcontractors.  

A clean project looks professional and attracts a higher quality client- A dirty site looks sloppy and of low quality, regardless of the level of craftsmanship. The opposite is also true: a clean jobsite looks like it is of a high quality of craftsmanship. If it looks clean and organized it is far more likely to attract a potential client. You are associated with your jobs! If you want to be seen as a talented, organized, professional builder, then your jobsite needs to be clean, organized, and well cared for. It will improve your reputation, and make it possible to put more money in your pocket.