What is it about Country movies that continue to get people excited? Obviously Western movies are nowhere near as popular as they used to be, but there is still more than enough popularity to keep this genre of movie alive and well. Here are some of the reasons people still love Western Movies.



We love movies with heroes and Western Movies always tend to have good heroes that we enjoy watching. We love the “Western Swag” of the heroes as they swagger around with their pistil on their hip.

Freedom of the old-west

The Western Frontier is something we will always cherish. The freedom is truly amazing. We as Americans love Freedom and 'he Old West is one way we have of enjoying the freedom of our ancestors.


A Simpler Time

Western movies take us back to a simpler time, or at least that is how we perceive it. Overall people in the old-west days had things much harder than we did. There are countless examples as why, such as If we have a tooth problem we go to the dentist and get everything numbed and then they worked on our teeth with professional tools and painkiller. In the Old West Days they did not have Wal-Mart’s where they could go buy Crest on sale. If people in the West Days needed dental work they would take some shots of Whiskey and then the horse veterinarian would yank out the tooth. Yummy and pain free right? Not!

Although the dental pain is an example of one of the many ways the old-west days were so much more complicated, we perceive the Old West Days to be a simpler time period. In some ways the Western Frontier truly was a much simpler time period because there were no traffic jams, no Al Qaeda terrorists, no Donald Trump talking out his butt, and many other annoying and or complicated things. If we could take the modern comforts of quality healthcare and then travel back into time and live in the Old West then we would have the best of both Worlds.

Fortunately people can still do this in the rugged and rural areas of Northern Nevada where real Cowboys still saddle up each day to ride the range on remote land and handle all of the ranching duties. Living here is much more complicated in some ways such as getting your groceries you might have to drive 4 hours every 3-4 months to the Costco in Twin Falls, Idaho and then fill up the bed on your Ranch truck and the entire inside of the horse trailer you are pulling with groceries. Things such as this make it very complicated but on the other hand life is so much simpler living and working in the rural and remote parts of Northern Nevada. 

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