Why Become A Vegetarian?

Maybe you have asked that question at some point in your life.  As someone who's been a vegetarian now for over six years, not to mention has received training from world-class chefs and dietitians, there are several great reasons to take the plunge and adopt a plant-based diet.

Many people are searching for answers on how to cut fat and calories out of their diet.  When you give up meat, you begin pulling out a ton of cholesterol, saturated fat, and other junk that's just plain bad for you.  Not to mention the chemicals that you take in by having meat in your diet.  The animal processing industry uses various hormones and chemicals that can affect anyone who eats it.

Then there's the impact on the environment.  Extensive research shows that the high levels of harmful gases given off from the daily excrement of millions of animals does more damage to the planet than every car put together.  As well, the excessive food production necessary to feed the millions of factory animals necessitates additional millions of pounds of pesticide and other chemicals, which can seep into our water reservoirs.

Another piece of the argument for going vegetarian has to do with the less-than-humane ways we process animals for eating.  The industry wants us to think that cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other animals that we breed for food have nice lives, not unlike how cats and dogs live.

However, the truth is that most of them lead horrific existences and are treated as elements of production; not living creatures.  To totally comprehend the reasons to stop eating animals, you have to look at the fact that most livestock live in very cramped quarters, frequently not allowed room to stand.  They often suffer and/or die from painful ailments.  Those who aren't as lucky are kept alive so that they can make it to the slaughterhouse, where they are zapped with prods and stun guns, get their throats cut, and  even dropped into searing hot water while alive.

These are just a few ways to answer the question of "why become a vegetarian."  Fortunately, anyone can lead a healthy, ethical existence by starting to cut meat out of your diet.  People who eat less or no meat often have lower incidences of disease, and thousands report feeling a raised level of stamina all day long.

And for those people who think all they'll be eating is rice and rabbit food, think again.  It may come as a surprise to find out just how great vegetarian food tastes.  With a ton of delicious, easy, and fast cooking techniques, not to mention faux meat products, you can eat better than ever in your life.  This includes the once-in-awhile treat which will make you think you're eating cheeseburgers, bacon, sausage, chicken, and more.

Consider how much effect you could have on the world and your own life by taking animals off your plate.  You would almost certainly look and feel better, not to mention making a real difference for the rest of the world.