There are probably thousands of reasons why a person might start a vending company, but for now I am going to highlight just 3 major reasons a person should delve into the vending business. However, before I get started let me first give a brief rundown of just what exactly a vending company is.

A vending company is a business that derives it's income from the placement and operation of vending machines placed in high traffic locations. You know the machines I am speaking of, the machines you see scattered throughout the business landscape, office buildings, schools, and even parks and recreation areas. The company might consist of just a few machines on its vending route to many hundreds scattered all over a large city or county lines.

Why then is vending such an appealing business? Below are 3 good reasons:


Cash is king they say and in the vending business, cash is the primary method of payment for snacks, beverages, and any other products you may be selling through your machines. Cash businesses carry many advantages. One huge advantage, is there are no transaction fees like those that come from other businesses that use credit/debit transactions as there source of income. Another hug benefit is that cash is very easy to account for and you never have to wait for clearance of funds. Funny aspect of this is that ATM machines have been a newer addition to the vending arsenal. This aspect of the business is literally all about cash!


This is a huge aspect of a vending company. Want to grow and expand your vending route? Simple, go and buy another machine and place it in a good location. You ust added another revenue stream to your existing route! How many other businesses that you know of can match that kind of speedy expansion? It is simply a matter of your ability to service your vending route without issue. If you can handle it, you can do it in the vending world.

Another important aspect of growing your vending business is the ability to buy existing vending routes from competitors and seamlessly integrate them into your route. This reduces the hassle of having to buy and place your new machines. It is a great turnkey solution to the expansion of your business. Just be very sure you do all your proper due diligence before any purchase of another vending route.


This is another large perk of owning a vending company. Your time is always scarce and therefore valuable. When servicing your vending machines, time needed is very minimal. You are really looking at only about a half hour per machine, not including the driving time needed to get to each location. Imagine if your vending network was pretty tight, you would not have to drive far at all. A few hours of service every week and and you have a minimal tie investment cash income stream! Not a bad gig at all if you ask me!

There are many vending resources available out there in which to get started, but I would encourage you to check out this guide to starting a vending company. You will find a great resource in which to lay a firm foundation on which to launch your own vending company and begin profiting right away!