Logictech Bluetooth Keyboard

Why Should You Use the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Your Tablet

I remember when I first got my iPhone, I wondered how I would ever be able to hit all of the right buttons with my big and clumsy thumbs. I still have that problem today, actually – typing the wrong thing.

Thank you, Auto Correct!

It is even more painful when I am using tablets like the Apple iPad, which I use primarily for writing and web browsing.

It can be frustrating to use the touch screen instead of a conventional keyboard. That is what first brought me to looking at the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard as an alternative to the touch screen. I have to recommend the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for owners of tablets like the iPad and Kindle Fire.


One of the main reasons a lot of us purchase tablets is to be able to take them on the go. Lugging around a laptop, opening and closing it, plugging in cords – it gets tedious and heavy. Some keyboard varieties expect the same of tablets as well, and I’d prefer to avoid that myself.

This is where the keyboard really comes in handy.

The keyboard is known for its comfort and compactness. It is thin and simple, small enough to use on a cramped table in your favorite coffee shop without offending the elbows of the person next to you.

Despite its compactness, the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is repeatedly reviewed as sturdier for typing among a lot of types of keyboards. Those of us who are frequent typists recognize how important it is that we feel the keys are solid beneath our fingertips. The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard provides this for us.

User-Friendliness and Simplicity

Another way the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard has continually come out on top of its counterparts is in user-friendliness. This may not be important for those computer aficionados, but for the rest of us it is preferable to own a device that is relatively self-explanatory.

The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard comes with an array of function keys that control your music, movies and other media without you having to go into a program on the tablet.

There are also several other easy keystrokes you can do on the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to perform certain functions in, say, your word processor. This is great, also, for those of us on the go.

Tablets should be making our lives more convenient, and this keyboard helps exactly with that issue.

Another way the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard brings simplicity to your life is in its easy connection to your tablet. And with the wireless functionality of it, you can type anywhere from up to 30 feet from your tablet.

If you are me, you would not be able to see the text from that far anyway, but it is still a pretty cool function. And defintiely contender for the best wireless keyboard and mouse options for your tablet.

The Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard thinks of everything!

I like that the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard also comes with a stand for the tablet you are using – it is nice to see a device coming prepared instead of having to purchase a thousand different parts to get it working.

You can use it in both portrait and landscape forms. That has been a concern I have seen a lot in reviews about other stands, not having the versatility to choose how you want them to hold your tablet.

That is not a concern when you are using the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard.

Even better, the stand converts into a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard carrying case while you are on the go. You have to give them props for dual functionality – very convenient.

A few last concerns to consider before buying your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard

It is always good to have the two sides of every story, so here are some potential downsides to owning a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard.

Some users have complained about its bulkiness – you are essentially trading sturdiness in typing for a slightly heavier wireless keyboard than perhaps some other models. But since most of us would not be buying a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard if we did not plan on doing a fair amount of typing, I feel this is pretty negligible.

The keyboard also does come out to be a bit longer than the iPad itself, which can be problematic depending on your means of carrying it. Fortunately, most reviewers with this concern point out that, though it is a tight fit, the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard still fits in their original case.

All things considered, I think it is safe to say that the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is the most desirable Bluetooth keyboard on the market.

It outranks all others in convenience, user-friendliness and comfort by far.

By the way, you can also use this keyboard for something like the iMac 21.5 model.


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