Dyson Vacuum Cleaner and Schematic of Cyclonic EffectCredit: Amazon.com

I'm a tremendous fan of Dyson Cleaners, but let's face it ... they are expensive. Why is it that there are some items that seem to retain value over many years and never hardly ever go on sale? And why is it only true for certain items? Of course there are disruptive technology, social, or political changes that occasionally disrupt this phenomenon; but yes, some items just hold their price well and never seem to be found on sale (at least not a very good sale). Let me share with you 3 reasons why Dyson vacs are never highly discounted. 

Number 1

They really work and continue to hold value.

Think about other products that just never seem to go on sale and are able to maintain a very high price point even after many years. High-end camera lenses fall into this category and can sometimes be sold 10-15 years after the initial purchase for about 90-100% of the initial price (often over $1000). That is absolutely insane! Macintosh laptops, iPhones and other devices also maintain a very high value but maybe for only 3-5 years.

In the case of Dyson cleaners, recently there have been some reasonable imitations by their competitors; but none hold their value quite like a Dyson, and none of them deliver an overall solution as effective. Dyson vacs are well-engineered and well-tested products that continue to prove to be superior to other vacuum cleaners


number 2(49605)

Dyson vacs and the inventor are iconic symbols.

Among the design and engineering community, Dyson is a symbol of ingenuity and innovation. And owning a Dyson vac (definitely Dyson's most popular product)  indicates that you are among the folks who can see and understand this. Being the first commercial vacuum cleaner with no consumables at all has also given Dyson cleaners much favor with the Green Movement and other groups promoting using products and solutions that are much friendlier to the environment. Being an iconic symbol has also prompted some to take family photos (often in jest) with their beloved vacuum. I don't know of any other vacuum cleaner that has generated such a committed fan base. 

number 3

 Dyson vacs can do things other vacuums can not do.

Obviously, Dyson vacs work really well; but let me list off a bunch of seemingly random things that no other vacuum seems able to do (or not nearly as well). 

  1.  Dyson vacs will make allergy sufferers sing for joy. 
  2. Dyson vacs will pick up drywall particles, grout, saw dust and popcorn ceiling crumbs without losing suction ... or breaking. 
  3. Dyson vacs may make the men you know fight to see who would vacuum next, really!
  4. Dyson vacs may help you make new friends who are more than eager to borrow your Dyson and try one out. Who knows who you'll meet.  ;o)

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