Lately, there are many ads going around (even flyers on my door) for music teachers who will come to your house to teach you or your child to play piano, guitar, some other instrument, or sing. However, there are some real drawbacks to this that you should take into consideration when selecting a music teacher, and you should be aware of these drawbacks. Too many people sacrifice safety and quality for convenience!

1) The best music teachers do not come to you. The great music teachers have limited availability and every minute they spend on their driving is a minute of their day they cannot spend teaching. By being willing to drive to your home, they are announcing that they cannot get enough students who find it worth their while to drive to them.

In fact, the music teachers who come to you are quite often mediocre at best, and downright awful at worst. Use these teachers only if you want to guarantee that your child will hate music and not want to continue to play. It's far better to select a good teacher, and perhaps pay a little more in terms of time and money, in order to get the best results. Why waste money on a mediocre teacher when very little more effort will give you great results?


2) Good
music teachers have invested a lot of money and effort into acquiring their equipment. In the case of pianos, the instruments are certainly not easy to transport! Chances are, a good teacher's equipment is far better than your own, and better-maintained as well. In addition, good teachers have extensive libraries, and can find their material quickly and easily. If you have to wait until the next lesson for a teacher to lend you a book, score, or recording, you are wasting valuable lesson time.

Those teachers who come to your home often have not invested the money even to buy their own instrument or music library, and do not have the dedication and investment in their business that the best professionals have. Good teachers run a business, and have business-like practices.


3) B
y inviting a person you do not know into your home, you are putting the security and safety of your home and family at risk. Far too many parents leave a child unsupervised with a music teacher, and there is always a danger there. In addition, that music teacher sees what possessions you have, and even if they have no desire to steal from you, you cannot guarantee that they will not blab innocently to someone who has less than highest moral standards. Even a criminal background check will not reveal everything about the teacher and his or her associates.

By going to a teacher's studio, you eliminate the risk that your house will be broken into, and by staying with your child during the lesson, you will guarantee the safety of your child. Many excellent teachers have studios in their homes or apartments, for a variety of reasons, ranging from having to be available for an ailing family member to wanting to control the chemicals in their environment. So don't be afraid to go to a teacher's home, but consider very carefully before they come to yours!