Some people these days are paying for both a land line phone and a cell phone. To save money, people are ditching their land line and only keeping their cell phone. Of course, there are some disadvantages to not having a land line phone in your home, but the there are advantages to having only a cell phone. If you are looking for a new wireless provider, take a look at companies like Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless. Here are three reasons to ditch your land line for a cell phone:

1. Save Money

Why pay for both a land line phone and a cell phone? As long as you have a sufficient number of minutes on your wireless plan, you can save a lot of money by only have a cell phone. Some people have phone bills that are $150 to $200 a month combined for a land line and a cell phone. That is obviously a nice chunk of change. Of course, if you are a heavy talker, you may need to go with an unlimited calling plan, but you can get unlimited plans that include texting and web access for under $100 a month these days. Plus, if you often talk to people who have the same wireless provider as you, you won't be using any minutes at all.

2. Simplicity

Do you have a hectic life? If so, make your life easier and ditch your land line. Why take the time to check two voice mails, check two phones for missed calls, etc.? With a cell phone, you can simply keep your phone with you at all times and be able to answer the phone regardless of the room that you are in. Without a land line, the days of you having to run across your home to answer the phone will be over. Plus, you'll be able to keep up with your texting because your cell phone will be with you all day. Of course, you can do that with a cordless phone, too, but they are bulky and weigh more than cell phones do.

3. Safety

Do you have children? Is your cell phone number on file with your child's school? Unfortunately, many parents will answer no to that question. If you only have a cell phone, that is the only number that your child's school will have. If an emergency were to occur, your child's school would always be able to reach you if you are at home, at work or out running errands. Do your friends and family have your land line and cell phone number? Many people only give their land line number to their relatives. If you only have a cell phone and they have that number, your friends and family would be able to keep in constant contact with you, as well. As you can see, cell phones provide a safety net because that will be your only number to give out, and you can always be reached.