New Year Resolutions
Credit: Jakob Crouch

Every year when January 1st rolls around, most of us start thinking about our goals for the next year.  Yes, it is a great time to make a new goal, but why wait until the start of the new year when you can go ahead and get a head start! The beginning of December marks the time when I sit down and start to reflect on the previous year and decide what changes I want to make in the next year. Here are my top three reasons to go ahead and start working on your resolutions today!  

1. You have more time to think about the most important goal to you!

We all can sit down and write down multiple goals that we wish to accomplish, which could lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed trying to pick which one you want to focus on. I have found that I have a better chance of accomplishing my goals, if I focus on just one or two at a time. Why wait until January 1st to try and decide on which one(s) you are going to focus on for the next year? Go ahead and start thinking about it today and by the time the new year rolls around; you will have filtered through all of your good ideas and chosen your most important goal.

2. You have more time to devise a plan to succeed!

I’ve made many goals in my life, but the ones that I have succeeded at are the ones that I have created a (hopefully) full-proof plan to accompany them! Setting your goals early allows you the extra time to create the very important plan to accomplish that goal you are focused on. If you’re going on a road trip, you usually have a road map that helps you get to your destination right? Well, why not have a road map that helps you get to the destination of your resolution?! A great plan will help you tremendously in keeping you on track to accomplishing your goal.

3. You have time to get “Pumped Up” to accomplish that goal!

Similar to getting pumped up prior to a good gym session or a sporting event, I have always used a short period of time to get ‘pumped up’ for attacking my goals. By using the end of December to get the focus and motivation built up for the next year, you can jump into the new year already in “attack-mode” and have a much better chance of accomplishing that goal.

I hope these tips have given you some motivation to make your goals a reality.  I have no doubt that anyone can accomplish what they put their head, heart and soul into. So, go out there and get it!

I wish you the best in the next year accomplishing your goals!