World Cup 2010 (19446)

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is upon us, and the football world is afire with excitement. The favorites include Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and England. However, an underdog could surprise fans, such as South Korea, United States or one of the African teams playing on their home continent. This is the first World Cup to be held on African soil, therefore it has been building and building in its excitement level. The fans in South Africa are getting delirious with anticipation, getting their vuvuzelas primed, and making sure their tickets and gear are ready.

For visitors to South Africa this football vacation to the greatest spectacle in sport is a dream come true. It is a moment they will be able to look back on for the rest of their lives with fondness. If you are one of the lucky ones heading to the southern tip of the African continent to see the greatest tournament in the world, then you want to make sure that everything goes well. You want to make sure you have everything that you need, and that includes some things you may not think of. Other than your flag, gear, and passport, what do you need? Well, one thing that every football fan enjoying the World Cup in South Africa definitely needs is a laptop. There are three very good reasons that you should bring your laptop to the World Cup.

1. Information
When you are in a foreign country that you have never visited before, then it really helps to have a way to quickly access the information you need. You can use your laptop computer to access travel information, hotel reservations, weather forecasts and any other information you need to get in a hurry. The instant ability to access information when you need it is priceless.

2. World Cup Coverage
There will be times that you do not feel like leaving your hotel room to watch the games. These are the times you will be glad you have your laptop. You can watch all of the games live online, as well as get all the statistics you are interested in.

3. Entertainment
Sometimes you may get footballed out. This is a time you will be glad you have a laptop handy to surf the internet and watch movies at your leisure.

As you can see, a laptop computer is an essential thing to pack for your trip to South Africa. Have a smashing time!