I entered the work force not too long ago.  At the time, I was fairly green and fresh out of university.  I have to admit, there are a lot of things I wish I had known then, such as building more of a rapport with my colleagues and paying more attention to the office politics.  When I started working, I always had a tendency to work by myself, and I liked to do things my way.  It took a while before I learned to read situations and how to put myself in my boss's or manager's shoes.  

Here are a couple of rules that I think should benefit anyone who has a boss or manager they report to.  No matter the boss is a micro manager or a nice boss, it pays to at least keep the following rules or truths in mind:

Do Things The Way Your Boss Wants It To Be Done 

I'm assuming your boss has more experience than you do and likely has walked the path you are now walking, so likely, they would know better.  My advice is to do things their way first.  If you are fresh to the role, don't go in and right away start revamping the entire system.  Show your manager that you can handle the task competently.  By showing to him/ her that you know your stuff then future ideas on how to tweak the process will have more buy in from your boss.  

If your boss is blatantly doing things wrong then mention it to him/ her.  If he/ she cannot see the writing on the wall then you there really is nothing you can do.  A boss who cannot accept feedback from their own subordinates is really not a good boss.  I would suggest to still do things their way but it may be time to look for a new job.  

Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You

Your manager is the one that determines your pay raise, approves your sick days, approves your vacation, and whether you sink or swim, it is solely determined by your manager.  I know this may seem a bit crude but this is the reality.  Your manager may be the most nicest person in the world but when the manager tells you to jump, your next question better be how high.  I'm not implying that you should start sucking up but understand the hierarchy of where you stand in the organization.  

When you do a good job and make your manager look good, his/ her reputation is enhanced and likely so will yours.  Through word of mouth, your manager will praise you to other VPs and executives.  Therefore, try not to do anything to rock the boat.

Bear It and Grin It, If You Can't, Then Walk Away

If you have a horrible manager that is downright awful, the only suggestion I have for you is to really bear it and grin it.  Your manager is human and likely your manager has someone breathing down their necks.  

At my old company I have heard how a junior screwed up on a trade order that caused the company to lose thousands.  The junior and his senior were both fired for this error.  Their manager wasn't fired but had to face most of the flak.

I have gone through my share of bad managers.  It wasn't pretty and I hated every second of it.  But looking back, these experiences helped mold me to who I am today.  At a certain point, I learned to take my personal emotions out of it and I realized that the company pays me to show up for work and deal whatever crap comes my way.  

If you have a bad manager, try to see things in his/ her point of view, but if it is just unbearable.  Don't be afraid to quit!

I know my rules above cannot be applied to all situations, it isn't a one size fits all.  Everyone has their own challenges and issues.  But I hope the above still gives you some idea on how to deal with your managers/ bosses.  

Do you have a horrible boss story to share?