Online music promotion can be tough. On the occasions that you can actually get someone interested, even for a great artist, it’s difficult to get them to stay interested. As an artist you’re going to have to have at least a few things in place before starting. The first thing you need is an online presence. Whether it ends up being a Facebook page or your own personal webpage, make sure it looks professional. It doesn’t have to be the most fancy site in the world, it’s usually better if it’s not, but it must be clean and professional. The next thing you’ll need is time. Your music won’t explode overnight. It will take time to promote yourself. Don’t expect that going online is going to change your career instantly. It opens doors but it doesn’t often create miracles. Last you’ll need some recorded music. Hopefully, you completed this step already. If not then do it.

Have A Product

The first secret to online music promotion is having a “product.” The product doesn’t have to be something for sale. This is often overlooked. What do you want someone to do when they get to your website? That is your main product. If you have a Facebook then you might be looking for them to become fans. If you have your own website then maybe you want them to download your free song. You need to have something that a fan can do when they like your music. It is the key to measuring the effectiveness of the online music promotion. The product allows you to experiment with different techniques with the ability to measure results. It also gives that fan a reason to come back. They might see that mp3 a month from now and decide to check if you have anything new out. The more you can connect to their lives the better. The typical internet user will listen to the music online and then forget they ever heard it in a month. Get a product to connect with your listeners and to measure your results.

Learn to Sell

The second secret to online music promotion is selling. There are millions of people competing to become famous artists online every single day. 95% of them have no idea how to sell. Learn how to sell your music. Decide what you want people to think of your band and make them think it. If you want to be a cool dark heavy metal band then don’t include the picture of your band next to your moms purple minivan. It will hurt. Get the picture next to an old train or something else that makes people think cool and dark heavy metal band. On your page, lead them to your product. Put it in big colored letters, “Do this now!” Ask for them to do what you want them to do. And don’t make it a forum for your day to day life unless that is what you’re going for. Sell an image and make a call for action. That will put you ahead of 95% of the bands online.

Get Some Traffic

The third secret to online music promotion is getting quality visitors. The best way to start is by getting your friends and fans to go there by promoting the site at any and every chance you’re with the band. This can get you over the low traffic hump. As you get more and more traffic, traffic gets easier and easier to come by. Also do this with any forums you frequent or online friends you have. Add it to your signature and ask others to help. Don’t blatantly spam to get traffic. That will only get you in trouble. Instead look for every opportunity to share your site, within the context of the situation. Look for online music contests and forums that encourage bands to introduce themselves. This kind of promotion can get you far. It’s time consuming but it will get you real fans that actually care about you and your online music.

If there was a fourth secret to online music promotion it would be, “doing it!” It’s an uphill battle but that just makes it all the more rewarding. Remember why you’re doing it and make it happen. The difference between the best around and the worst is the amount of action they take. If you can take the time to master your songs then you should be willing to take the action to get them enjoyed. So get your site. Create a product. Sell your product and find people to check it out. Over time you’ll gain enough traffic to experiment to get more people getting your product. Do experiment. With these 3 secrets to online music promotion and a little bit of hard work you might just be topping the charts before you know it.