Enjoy fishing from your holiday cottage

Fishing cottages, bird watching cottages, and walking cottages

Self catering holiday cottages are great. You have your own space and don't have to worry about the concierge looking at you strange when you turn up for breakfast in your dressing gown and slippers! Cottages are well known as a great holiday accommodation idea for families because you can eat when and what you want and the kids have the extra space to run around without disturbing everyone staying on your hotel floor. Families aren't the only ones who can benefit from the comfort and convenience of staying in a cottage though. Read on to discover some of the great cottage holiday ideas that you've never even thought about!

Fishing Cottages

For many people there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the banks of a stream with nothing but a fishing rod and a thermos of tea. The UK is a great place to indulge in some angling with something to suit every fishing taste. Many of the fishing cottages by Sykes Cottages are set on properties that include a private stocked lake that you are free to use during your holiday. All you’ll need to bring is your rod and some bait and you’re all set to catch your dinner. If you’re a serious angler and intend to travel with a car full of equipment then a fishing cottage is perfect for you – you’ll have all the storage space you need and no front desk staff will stare you down as you drag your gear through their sparkling front lobby!

Bird Watching Cottages

Bird watching might not be for everyone but it is taken pretty seriously by many. People even travel around the world for the express purpose of glimpsing a rare species. If you are heading out on a bird watching holiday you are unlikely to be looking for a city centre hotel room for your accommodation. With a holiday cottage you have so much more flexibility in regards to location. If you want to stay in the middle of a forest you can. If you’re looking for coastal birds then stay in a coastal cottage and you might just glimpse the rarest of rare birds’ right from your cottage window!

Walking Cottages

We spend so much of our time today sitting – at the office, at the computer, in front of the tv, or video games. It really isn’t good for our health and taking a walking holiday is a great way to break out of bad habits and get reacquainted with nature. The UK has some great walking routes, from the mountains of Snowdonia in the west, and the rolling moors of Devon in the south, to the rugged coastal walks of Scotland in the north. Spend your holiday in a self catering cottage and in many cases you’ll be able to set off on walks straight from your front door! Even if the weather isn’t great you can come home from a tough walk and curl up in front of a roaring fire and feel like you’ve really accomplished something today.

Self catering holiday cottages are a wonderful accommodation option for everyone; they are inexpensive, convenient, private, and offer you so many amenities that a hotel just can’t. If you are planning an outdoor holiday this spring or summer why not consider a holiday cottage? With walking cottages, bird watching cottages, and fishing cottages you are sure to have an unforgettable holiday that you’ll return from feeling refreshed and rejuvenated having indulged in your favourite hobby to your hearts content.