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We always assume that if a serial killer is caught, they will be sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty, however in South America the maximum penalties available by law is limited. Serial Killers love South American Countries because they know that if they get caught, they will probably not spend the rest of their life in jail or be executed.

Luis Garavito- "The Beast"
Luis Garavito is suspected of killing up to 300 different people, however he admitted to raping and killing 140 different boys. You would thin he would get the death penalty or life in prison right, but he did not. Luis Garavito could only be sentenced to 30 years, and because of the way the law works in Colombia his sentence was reduced to 22 years because Luis Garavito helped show authorities where some of the bodies were buried, and he may get out even sooner because of good behavior. That's a pretty light sentence for one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of the modern world.

Pedro López- ""Monster of the Andes"
Pedro López admitted to killing over 300 girls in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. Lopez was arrested in 1980 in Ecuador. In 1994 Lopez was released and deported back to Colombia. Colombia charged him with a murder, but found him to be insane and placed him in a psychiatric facility. 4 years later he was declared sane and released. His current whereabouts are unknown. Lopez was supposed to check in with a judge once a month, but after his release he has not been seen since. Is he still killing innocent little girls?

Pedro Rodrigues Filho- "Little Peter the Killer"
Pedro Rodrigues Filho was convicted of killing over 70 people, and is suspected of killing many more. He was sentenced in Brazil to 128 years in prison, but the maximum prison term that can be served in Brazil is 30 years. His sentence was extended because of murders and other crimes he committed while incarcerated, yet he was still released from prison in 2007.