When it comes to women and shoes, there seems to be no end to what can be purchased and worn. Stores like Journeys and Famous Footwear house a variety of shoes styles to suit any woman. While the runway will always showcase new styles, colors and even fabrics for shoes, there are some styles that not only every woman desires, but needs in her closet.

1. Dress Shoes

Gone are the days when women had to squeeze their feet into tight toe bending shoes just to go out on the town. As years past, women demanded that dress shoes be made more comfortable. Now you can find dress shoes that range from high heels and stilettos to flat or low heeled shoes that are just as formal (yes, flat heels). There are many women now who will not or cannot wear high heels due to back and knee problems they have. That being said, a good pair of dress shoes no matter what the heel height or style is a necessity for any woman's closet. Just imagine trying to go to a formal event or a night on the town in gym shoes or moccasins, and you'll see why investing in a good pair of dress shoes is well worth the money.

2. Casual shoes

Every woman knows that casual shoes are the most frequently worn by women of all ages. This is because casual shoes are used for day to day activities and go with just about every outfit. Casual shoes now come in all types of styles, colors and fabrics. You can find casual shoes with or without a heel. You can also find casual shoes that lace up while others slip on. The style of casual shoes usually lends to an outfit that is not too fancy or not too sporty, but right in the middle. When you shop for your pair of casual shoes, you will want to make sure to purchase from a reputable store so that you can try on the shoes and make sure they are a great fit. You don't want to purchase shoes of this kind that don't feel good, as you'll be wearing them most often.

3. Sports or Athletic shoes

When you decide to exercise or play a sport, you'll want to be sure you have a pair of athletic shoes in your closet. Most women now a days like to stay active, and you don't want to wear out your casual shoes for something rugged like exercise or sports. Athletic shoes also have special soles that are made for shock absorption and arch support; investing in a good pair is key to not only performing well, but staying injury free.

No matter what type of shoes you like or prefer, the three aforementioned styles are ones you will definitely want to have in your closet at any given time. Investing in the three styles mentioned will allow you to wear just about anything and go just about anywhere.