3 Signs You Are Getting Out of Shape
Credit: suchthings.ca

We all eventually notice these signs

Make sure to identify that you are getting out of shape early!

Oftentimes it is not uncommon to hear friends or family members, who were once shining star athletes in college or high school, reminiscing and saying how they used to be skinny. They may even remember when they first started losing their usual fitness routine and getting out of shape. How did it happen so fast? Although several events in your life may happen that can cause emotions from happiness to stressful, it can be hard to really comprehend what actions you took that added to your body changing for the worse and getting out of shape. This is not a feeling that anyone really wants to experience.

So, even if you are in your fitness prime now, or if you haven't run a mile, swam laps, or went into the gym in years, here are some characteristics to watch out for in case you suspect you're getting out of shape.

Clothes don't fit anymore

This is one of the most famous indicators that you may not physically be what you used to be. Back in college you may have been a nice size 4 (in the case of women) and the best on the track team, but you've attempted to slip inside your devilishly skinny jeans... and it didn't go as planned. BAM, your jeans don't fit anymore. You've noticed that you have gathered unwanted girth around your ankles, calves, and thighs. When looking in the mirror you start to notice just how different you used to look. If you're a guy, maybe you've realized that your favorite sports jackets seems too tight, and you know its not logical to blame it on all the muscle you've gained from staying out of the gym in the past few years! Friends may start telling you that your stomach is hanging out the bottom of your favorite shirt. You might start feeling overly conscious about how you look because you are trying to hide your more flabby areas under larger clothes. No worries, there is hope! Just remember that many people feel this way. Consider finding others who feel the same way you do and support each other's fitness goals!

Shortness of breath

Let's say one of the most convenient elevators of your office building is having maintenance done on it. Your only alternative option would be to do the dreaded stair walk. Luckily, you're only walking down about three flights of stairs. No biggie right? It'll be a nice exercise for you, but then you get down to business and actually make it down the stairs. For some reason you notice that you feel out of breath rather easily. Regardless if you're at home, at a supermarket, or at work, doing common tasks like these may cause you to have shortness of breath and you may notice your heart beating rapidly due to the activity you've just done. Even getting up and carrying a relatively light weight bag may feel like a workout to you. But don't worry, when you start to incorporate a work schedule into your daily routine, your body will appreciate the workouts you get and will reward you with physical results you'll love.

Low Energy

You get home and immediately, you are ready to hit the sack. Sure, it is pretty saddening that you cannot seem to gather up the energy to play with or go over homework with the kids or clean up the kitchen, but in your mind, you MUST get to bed asap. When you are tired, you are TIRED, and all you've done were generally simple house chores or sitting in the cubicle. You may be so tired that you don't want to do anything else when you come home from work because you literally have no energy left. Getting back into a daily workout routine, even if its only 10 minutes a day, can dramatically change energy levels for the better. Low energy can be an indicator what you are not exactly as pumped as you were in the past. With a simple cardiovascular workout, you will be back on the right track to getting a better nights sleep, which will replenish energy, increased blood flow that will carry oxygen throughout your body, giving you a better mind boost for that awake feeling. Consider making it a daily goal to do 20 jumping jacks in a row, and increase the amount day by day to increase your energy levels.

Unhealthy eating

Mmmm, french fries, huge juicy hamburgers, a triple chocolate heavy milkshake with crushed cookies in it! These are good in moderation but can be extremely dangerous to your health if you eat these on the regular. Even more power to you if you rarely eat these foods as an american! Craving sweet, salty, or oily foods can be devastating to a person's physical appearance across the board. For most people, if eaten consistently, it will gradually produce fat buildup in multiple areas on the body, mottled and oily skin, and lower energy levels. There are many disadvantages of unhealthy eating that may even cause complicated diseases for you down the road. Consider a natural detox to rid your body of toxins and help regulate your body's chemistry levels naturally. Instead of eating processed snacks that are cheap and easy to get at most grocery stores, research a vegan or vegetarian variation of the same recipe. It will usually be cost efficient and alot more nutritional to eat without sacrificing the taste. 

At some point in our lives, we all experience a moment when we feel we're getting out of shape. The key to solving this problem is realizing that you do need to make some improvements in your nutritional and physical fitness choices for the better. It is not hard to get started and many resources are available. Motivation is your strongest ally when it comes to getting back in shape. 

So go ahead, make those pants fit you again! Good luck!