Finding a job about doing something you like is the dream of just about everyone out there in the workforce . Everyone wants to wake up everyday and look forward to another day at work . However most people never actually achieve this goal . The most common excuse is that they have already have a stable job with good pay . A change of career is considered to risky . But is it really safe for you to continue at your current job ? What are the major signs that you should really begin typing a resignation letter ? Below are 3 easy to detect signs that you should leave your job .

1.You are so stressed out that you are emotional

Stress is a normal aspect of our daily life . Without a good amount of stress we would not be able to function well . We all need that extra push that comes with stress to achieve our goals and ambitions . Feeling stressed out at work is healthy sign that you are really trying to give your best at your job . However if you began to feel angry or sad due to the stress that you are experiencing from work than you have to quit your job . Getting emotional is sign of unhealthy stress . This can endanger your health . There are 200 000 deaths that occur annually due to stress at the workplace . Your good paying job certainly cannot be worth your life .

2.Your boss treats you differently

Be careful not to misunderstand this . Some bosses like to test their employees to see if they are ready for promotions in the company . Bosses may give you hard time just to try to draw out your true character . If your boss shouts at you or give you more work than your co-workers then you should leave that current job and find a job with a better boss . Most employees simply absorb all that negative energy from their employer because they feel that they deserve the bad treatment . What you always need to remember is that regardless of your performance at work you deserve the same amount of respect from your boss compared to your other co-workers .

3.You have that bad feeling about your job 

Our body can be a real slave by obeying all our commands . If we tell ourselves that everything is fine with our job then our body acts as if everything is fine . similarly if we convince ourselves that we are in a crisis then our pulse starts to quicken and our body becomes filled up with adrenaline . When you try to tell your body that everything is perfect with your job even when it's not then your body tends to really buy into what you are saying . However with enough torture from your job even your body will eventually get fed up and send bad feelings into your mind . These feelings are a sign that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that you have to quit your job . If you are not going to listen to yourself than who else can you listen to . Trust your instincts and leave your job . We know more than we understand .

In a nutshell if you are experiencing any of the 3 signs i have just mentioned than you really need to leave your job and find a new one . You have to take that risk as Jim Rohn once said     "  You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can go ".











How Clear Must It Be
Credit: allyson Doyle