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The 3 Signs

It can be hard to figure out if your man wants to settle down with you or not because well, men are just hard to figure out in this situation. But how do you really know if he is ready? Here are the 3 signs to look for when it comes to know if he is ready to settle down.

Chatting About Moving In

If your man is talking about buying a house or renting out a place for the both of you this is a sign that he is ready to settle down. The reason why this is a clue is because men really do not talk about getting a house or renting a place together if he was not sure that you are going to be the women he wants to take the next step up.

What is in His Future Plans

When your boyfriend starts talking about the future, where you are going live, how many children you guys are going to have, and where to get married and setting a date this is sign of him settling down. If your relationship gets to this point of where you are saying what you want for the future this is a big step for him.


If your man feels good about his career and the position that he is in than this is a sign that he is ready to settle down. The reason why is because he feels like he can support you finically and emotionally give feel like you are secured for the rest of your life. Most men love to be the one who brings the money home for his woman and to take care of her when she needs it.  When men feel like they have finally came to the terms of that they are doing well with their careers and relationship this is when they want to make that commitment to marry you.